New CRANEX 3Dx for in-house CBCT

3D CBCT imaging technology has fast become the popular choice for dental practices looking to improve treatment planning through enhanced diagnostic information; and now more than ever, they are benefiting from being able to offer a specialist in-house solution.

Medicare changes which came into effect in November 2014 have resulted in the incentivised provision of specialist in-house CBCT imaging. The CRANEX 3Dx is the perfect product for practices looking to take advantage of the new legislation, reduce liability risk and deliver industry leading care standards. With a massive 5 fields-of-view (5 x 5 cm, 6 x 8 cm, 8 x 8 cm as standard and optional 8 x 15 cm and 13 x 15 cm), the system allows for accurate 3D imaging for the entire maxillofacial region, providing dentists with fast, flexible workflows.

Importantly, patient safety through reduced radiation dose has been prioritised. The SOREDEX® Minidose solution (MDS) is a 3D imaging program which delivers good quality images at low radiation doses thanks to SARA™ technology. Minidose can be used with multiple clinical tasks when dose sensitivity is needed such as implant planning and control, children, wisdom teeth, location of impacted teeth, general follow-up and nose bone fractures. Additionally, the flexible field-of-view options minimise unnecessary radiation exposure commonly associated with fixed or narrow field-of-view systems which often require multiple scans.

CRANEX 3Dx has proven to be an extremely versatile machine, offering quick and easy imaging with fresh ClearTouch Control panel, free FOV positioning with EasyScout and AES hybrid - combined Automatic Exposure Setting in panoramic, cephalometric imaging, as well as in 3D - a world first.