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30 Sep 2015 | Australasian Dental Practice

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CEREC celebrates 30 years in style

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Thirty years ago this year, Sirona Dental Systems, then part of Siemens, launched the first intraoral scanner the world had ever seen. It was called CEREC - short for CEramic REConstruction - and was dubbed somewhat of a novelty at best. Developed by Professor Werner Mörmann and Dr Marco Brandestini at the University of Zurich and later sold lock, stock and barrel to Sirona, the system not only captured digital impressions and allowed the virtual design of restorations (the CAD), it also included a built-in manufacturing chamber (the CAM).

Over the ensuing 3 decades, the all-in-one CEREC 2 followed, still under the Siemens brand, then once Sirona was spun off, CEREC 3, CEREC 3D and the two current models - CEREC AC Bluecam and then CEREC AC Omnicam - evolved as separate scanning and milling units (the latter is currently dubbed the CEREC MC XL). Six generations of hardware has been accompanied by multiple innovations in software design, material development and a massive expansion of indications. Plus a complete system for dental laboratories, aptly named inLab.

For any technology to last 30 years in essentially the same form pays tribute to the continuing validity of the concept of chairside CAD/CAM. And today, nowhere is that further reinforced than by both the massive CEREC user base globally and the advent of several other manufacturers trying to catch up.

Sirona went hard earlier this year with a massive CEREC 30 extravaganza in Las Vegas, attended by over 6000 of that user base from around the world. And in Sydney last month, well over 200 local users assembled at the Westin Hotel to follow suit. Over 15% of dental practices in Australia use CEREC and its exponents are typically early adopters of innovative tech.

CEREC 30 Sydney covered the gamut of what's new and improved including:

  • Anterior and posterior restorations;
  • Integration through CEREC Guide 2.0 and SICAT;
  • SICAT OptiGuide, Function and Air;
  • CEREC orthodontic integration;
  • Implant planning;
  • CEREC materials;
  • Lab solutions and technologies; and
  • 3D diagnostics and applications with CEREC.

The 2-day event was hosted by Imtiaz Manji, CEO of [Frank] Spear Education and well-known for his practical, patient-focused strategies for patient value, practice growth and digital integration.

Joining him were:

  • Prof. Dennis J. Fasbinder (USA);
  • Prof. Farhad Boltchi (USA);
  • Dr Peter Gardell (USA);
  • Dr David Juliani (USA);
  • Dr Volker Winter (Germany);
  • Dr Michael Tholey Germany);
  • Mr Jochen Kusch (Germany); and
  • Mr Peter Munckton (Chief Economist BOQ Specialist).

A CEREC 30 Celebratory Dinner with the theme "Hollywood - Then & Now" was also staged in the Westin's Grand Ballroom on the Saturday night of the event.

Immediately following CEREC 30, a further 2-day CEREC ACCEPT event for users wanting intensive hands-on training with some of the international experts from the CEREC 30 weekend was staged.

Sirona regularly hosts education and training sessions at its Education Centre in Sydney as well as major triennial symposiums in support of CEREC, 3D X-ray and Digital Dentistry.

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