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30 Sep 2021 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Zirkonzahn multi unit abutments

Zirkonzahn Multi Unit Abutments (MUA) come without an anti-rotation device and are available in both straight and angled geometry. In both cases, the MUA are adapted to different implant systems and their connection for the over structure is unified. In this way, the over structure can be directly - or with additional titanium bases - screwed on different implant systems without any problems. A further advantage of the Zirkonzahn standardised connection is that using these new abutments, other components (like titanium bases, Scanmarkers, White Scanmarkers, laboratory analogues or transfer abutments) are reduced to one connection.

The straight Zirkonzahn Multi Unit Abutments are especially suited for multi-unit restorations (min. 2 elements). Furthermore, they are designed as one single piece to prevent bacterial penetration. On the other hand, the Zirkonzahn Multi Unit Abutment Angled 17°, besides the fixing of multi-unit restorations, serve particularly well for the fixing of single jobs (in the anterior tooth region). The most important characteristic of the Zirkonzahn MUA Angled 17° is that the secondary structure's axis in relation to the implant's axis can be inclined by the respective angles and therefore well-suited for implants with highly divergent paths of insertion. The angled MUA are designed as two pieces and are made of biocompatible titanium. For a secure fixing of the Zirkonzahn Multi Unit Abutments intraorally on the implant and the restoration on the abutment, the respective Zirkonzahn screwdrivers for Multi Unit Abutments can be used.

All Zirkonzahn Multi Unit Abutments offer the best possible solution for even the most complex cases since they are available in various heights and can be adapted to different gingival conditions. For increased biocompatibility and a reduced grey value, they are also available in gold-plated titanium.

Depending on the position of the implant, with the two different connection types, the number of connection possibilities has doubled: check if they are compatible with your implant system and get to know more about the company's digital workflow!


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