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31 Mar 2023 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Zirkonzahn’s digital workflow with PlaneSystem® and Face Hunter

Technical research and development are in continuous evolution, constantly providing new techniques for the realisation of dental restorations. In the heart of the Italian Alps, with the fundamental values of discipline, innovation, trust and responsibility, the family-run company Zirkonzahn provides dentists and dental technicians with dedicated, simplified instruments for a smooth and reliable workflow, from the implant planning procedure to the final restoration. Based on the accurate recording of a patient's data, Zirkonzahn's workflow can be carried out 100% digitally starting from the acquisition of the patient's physiognomy through the innovative Face Hunter 3D facial scanner. In this way, the user can transfer the facial scan data, together with the models, in the virtual articulator in relation to the axis.

An advantage for the dental technician, the dentist and the patient

With a single click it is possible to scan the patient's face in a few seconds only. The scanner can also be used out of the dental laboratory, just using a laptop. A flash system for perfect lighting is included in the equipment. Upon request, a light stand may also be provided.

3D facial scan data can bring many advantages not only to the dental technician but also to dentist and patient. Thanks to the use of the patient's real physiognomy, the dental technician can obtain a result that is much more precise, providing dentists and patients with a near-photorealistic preview of the final restoration during the consultation phase.

The PlaneSystem®for precise planning

Facial scans can be perfectly combined with the PlaneSystem® (MDT Udo Plaster): an innovative approach for capturing patient-specific information which can be then transferred 1:1 into the virtual world, allowing for precise planning security and a more achievable function and aesthetics design in the restorations.

The PlaneSystem® is composed of the PlaneFinder®, to detect the patient's Natural Head Position (NHP) as well as his occlusal plane angle; the PS1 physical articulator; and the PlanePositioner®, a platform used to place the maxillary cast in the PS1 articulator and to reproduce the occlusal plane.

The PlaneSystem® is also enriched with the PlaneAnalyser II: an analysis and recording device for digital acquisition of a patient's mandibular movements.

Scanning: concrete and realistic

Regardless of the approach to capturing the patient's planes and physiognomy, the patient information gathered has to be transferred to the Zirkonzahn.Scan software in order to proceed with the design phase. Transferring the patient's data into the software is a very simple task: the articulated models can be easily digitised in less than three minutes with a Zirkonzahn scanner using the PS1 physical articulator. The Zirkonzahn.Software can work best with the PlaneSystem components, however, any physical articulator can be used and registered into the Zirkonzahn. Software, so that the articulated models can be displayed directly in the correct position in the registered articulator. Once the models have been transferred 1:1 into the Zirkonzahn.Scan software and integrated with other possible digital data, the Zirkonzahn.Modellier software comes into the picture.

Designing: simple and precise

In the design software Zirkonzahn.Modellier, the Virtual Articulator software module allows the technician to work on the articulated models exactly as if they were in a physical articulator. This module enables the simulation of the mandibular joints, since all movements are recreated virtually. The dental technician can also carry out the tooth set-up based on the patient's natural teeth or, alternatively, use the available virtual tooth libraries. In addition, the dental technician can apply different tooth sizes, display the teeth in true colour and incorporate different reference lines in the 2D images for better tooth alignment (e.g., the smile line).

The best results

With a workflow permitting seamless transition between digital and analog, Zirkonzahn offers a flexible and complete solution for the production of exceptional dental restorations. By producing almost everything at its manufacturing sites - never surrendering control to others - the family-run company perfectly combines each component to one another: Zirkonzahn's first aim is to provide laboratories with innovative hardware, software, restorative materials and implant prosthetic components. This ensures a 100% smooth workflow for technicians and clinicians - from patient data acquisition, articulation, virtual design and milling to restoration placement in the patient's mouth.

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