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Zirkonofen Turbo: Speed beyond any expectations

Using the new Zirkonofen Turbo and its pre-set fast sintering programs perfectly adapted to each kind of Zirkonzahn zirconia, it is now possible to sinter smaller zirconia structures in about 90 minutes.

This cuts processing time by 81% and reduces electrical consumption by 73% (Figure 1). As a result, zirconia restorations can be realised and finalised in 2 hours and 10 minutes only.

The round shape of the sintering chamber ensures optimum heat distribution and a uniform sintering of all zirconia elements. With a volume of 0.9 L, the sintering chamber can contain up to 3 sintering trays stacked on top of each other, which permit sintering of up to 120 zirconia elements in one sintering process. If bridges are sintered with a sintering stabiliser, the ceramic plate must be used, which offers space for up to 3 full-arch bridges.

The software, developed in-house, has been re-designed especially for this new furnace. Via the Internet connection, the user can download and install the updates directly in the furnace in order to always work with the latest functions and sintering programs. With Zirkonofen Turbo, the user can also create individual sintering programs in addition to the already existing ones and perform independent temperature calibrations. In case of power failures, unsatisfactory sintering results are nearly impossible thanks to the Baking Recovery function. Indeed, after a power failure, the software checks whether the sintering program can be regularly completed without compromising the result or whether the sintering process must be suspended, informing the user.

Using three sintering trays stacked on top of each other or the ceramic plate, it is now possible to sinter up to 120 zirconia elements or three full-arch bridges with sintering stabiliser in just one sintering process. For a deformation-free framework, the base of the trays should be covered with special sintering granules. In order to prevent discolouration or contamination of the zirconia bridges, it is recommended to cover them with a ceramic protection cover, which guarantees - in combination with the ceramic plate - optimal heat distribution thanks to its curved shape.

Faster than ever before!

With the Ultraspeed programs perfectly adapted to all typologies of Zirkonzahn zirconia, it is now possible to sinter small zirconia structures in approximately 90 minutes only, with no variation of flexural strength, colour or fit values.

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