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30 Sep 2014 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Ultradent Products conducts national training events for dentists and dealers

By Joseph Allbeury


Ultradent Products, Inc has reinforced its commitment to the Australian market with a series of training sessions around the country with its International Trainer, Mr Steve Gerber. Visiting Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Mr Gerber delivered sessions to both dentists and the sales representatives of Ultradent's two distributors, Gunz Dental and Henry Schein.

"Ultradent has always done well in Australia with our Opalesence range of whitening products, however, we have so much more," said Ashleigh Speer, Country Manager for Ultradent. "Touring the country with Steve helps ensure that our existing customers get the most from our range and that our representatives are fully trained on what we offer."

Entitled an Evening with Ultradent, the 3-hour educational sessions for dentists covered everything from whitening and sealants to restoratives and bonds.

"The sessions I deliver are designed to be very hands-on and interactive," Mr Gerber said. "We have a lot of practical experience, tips and advice we can share with our customers that help them operate more efficiently, economically and achieve predictable outcomes consistently.

"We generally start with whitening, because that's what we're best known for here, and talk about everything from why people want to whiten and how to approach patients and communicate the benefits of whitening to tips on how to get the most from our products.

"Dentists also give good feedback on the tissue management component of the evening as we have both excellent products in that category and can give clinicians good advice on getting the most from these."

As part of the presentation, Mr Gerber also invites dentists to test the bond strength of Ultradent's Peak Universal Bond using an ISO certified testing unit.

"Dentists really enjoy using our Ultratester," Mr Gerber said. "We take a tooth, sheer it off and then use Peak Universal Bond to bond composite to it. Then we use the Ultratester to gauge the sheer force required to break the bond. Peak Universal Bond has the highest rated bond strength to dentin and this is a very practical way of demonstrating this."

Based at Ultradent's headquarters in Utah, Mr Gerber travels the world in a sales, training and education capacity and believes it is the little extras in the company's range that are winning new customers for the now global business.

"Ultradent always does things a little differently and our products have additional features designed to save time and money that you don't see elsewhere," Mr Gerber said. "A good example of that is Peak Universal Bond. Not only does Peak have the highest bond strength to dentin of any of the latest generation of Universal Bonds, we also include chlorhexidine in the mix which helps maintain the bond strength by warding off bacterial infiltration. Peak Universal Bond is also delivered in a syringe instead of a bottle, so that prevents evaporation of the solvents and also allows direct delivery which is more accurate and conservative of the material."

Ultradent Products full range or products are available from Gunz Dental and Henry Schein in both Australia and New Zealand.

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