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31 Mar 2015 | Auxiliary

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TrollDental launches Oralcare4u to help ensure patients get what they need

Websites Internet is TrollDental's latest service and sets out to create a win-win situation in the very competitive oral health product marketplace. Many practices have undertaken to sell the TePe Interdental brushes directly to their patients, however some simply do not have the time or the staff to deal with the additional administration of a storefront.

The current alternative is to send your patient to a pharmacy in order for them to get the specialist toothbrush or Interdental brush they require. However, sending a patient to purchase something they have never experienced buying can be a challenge and might not guarantee they get what they need.

Oralcare4u referral pad

To bridge this gap, TrollDental has created the Oralcare4u referral pad (pictured on the opposite page) that will tell the pharmacist which TePe product the dentist has recommended, with a monetary incentive for recommending the high quality brand.

Your dental practice receives 10% of the total purchase price and your patient receives a 5% discount on the product once they have ordered online. The 10% of the purchase price is given to your dental practice as a credit with TrollDental which you can use however you please.

Everybody involved in this transaction has a clear win.

It only takes three minutes to register as a member and a discount code will be assigned to your practice to ensure every purchase from the patient will be passive income earned.

The website is divided into six product categories:

  • Interdental cleaning products;
  • Toothbrushes;
  • Specialist toothbrushes;
  • Orthodontic care;
  • Implant care; and
  • Accessories & Other.

Within each category, are high quality listings for multiple products, each with multiple photographs, videos and detailed information including pricing.

Patients can quickly and easily find the products prescribed on the Oralcare4u referral pad and once selected, the discount code can be entered that deducts 5% from the order and credits 10% to the referring practice's account. Orders over $100 are shipped postage free.

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