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30 Nov 2023 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Take your dental skills to the next level

Learn from orthodontic experts with interactive face-to-face or live stream courses... Powered by OrthoEd

Mini Masters

The OrthoED Mini Masters is a proven, fully accredited 2-year course that will allow you to deliver predictable, efficient, high quality and profitable orthodontic treatments for your patients.

The 2023 face-to-face course is now SOLD OUT.

The live-streamed course (which is available) is fully backed with full case support and mentorship to give you the confidence to take on more cases and provide predictable outcomes, every time. Learn how to:

  • Build a solid foundation in all areas of orthodontics;
  • Properly diagnose and deliver orthodontic treatment plans;
  • Save time and money on every orthodontic case; and
  • Complete cases quickly and successfully, allowing you to take on more cases and grow your bottom line.

To learn more about this program visit: orthotraining.com.au/orthoed-mini-masters.

Aligner Essentials

In the OrthoED Aligner Essentials module over 3 days, you’ll learn how to provide Clear Aligner treatments confidently, profitably and successfully, even if you have no experience with orthodontics or have struggled with treating patients with aligners in the past.

The OrthoED Institute teaches you all of the principles of clear aligner treatment, allowing you to take on cases with confidence.

Attend a face-to-face course or learn from the comfort of your home or office through a live streamed event. Through Aligner Essentials, learn how to:

  • Increase your practice profits;
  • Provide a better service to your patients;
  • Provide improved restorative treatments;
  • Increase your scope of practice;
  • Reduce referrals to specialists; and
  • Gain a strong competitive advantage.

To learn more about his program visit: https://orthotraining.com.au/aligners.

Advanced Aligner Module

Learn advanced aligner skills with this 2-day Advanced Aligner module. Learn from industry experts either through a face-to-face course or via the comfort of your home or office through a live streamed event.

  • Understand when, why and how to combine fixed appliances with clear aligners;
  • Learn how to manage difficult tooth movements using auxiliary tools and advanced biomechanics;
  • Learn how to handle early treatment cases for children and teens; a rapidly growing market;
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the pros and cons of DIY aligner treatments to advise and educate patients accordingly; and
  • Learn how to take on more complex, challenging cases without having to refer them to specialists.

To learn more about this program visit: http://orthotraining.com.au/advanced-aligner-course.


Staying Safe

Staying Safe


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