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01 Sep 2005 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Surge in resume fraud

A survey conducted by a new pre-employment screening company, Australian Background, has uncovered a rise in resume fraud.

Statistics showed that 21% of 1000 applicants surveyed lied about their skills, experience and qualifications when background checked. One in 20 had a criminal conviction and of these, 21% were for theft or embezzlement. 18% revealed discrepancies in educational qualifications.

Men between 21 and 30 years of age lie more often than women and 60% of candidates with criminal convictions did not confess them even when asked.

"We have seen examples where candidates have provided false employers and false referees to enhance their prospects for getting the job or to cover up a period of negative employment," said Sally Mooney, joint-managing director of Australian Background and New Zealand Background. "Some say they have held a management position when they really worked in administration. Or, they say they left their previous employment for career development when they were in fact terminated. In some cases they pretend they have degrees when they don't. Then there are some that make minor embellishments, such as lying about their previous salaries.

"There aren't necessarily any tell tale signs of a lying applicant. Australians tend to be very trusting and we believe what we are told. The statistics uncovered in the survey really demonstrate how essential it is for employers to independently verify the facts before they hire."





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