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01 May 2009 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Successful show for Australian innovator

Innovative Australian manufacturer, Myofunctional Research Co, has been a permanent fixture on the IDS floor for more than a decade and again had a highly successful show in 2009.

"It's now 20 years since Myofunctional Research Co. [MRC] was formed," said founder Dr Chris Farrell. "During this time, MRC has changed the way orthodontic treatment has been performed and made a difference to hundreds of thousands of children all over the world. This year at IDS, we took orthodontic treatment to yet another level."

MRC headed to IDS for the first time in 1995 with its first appliance, the Orthotrainer. Dr Farrell received immediate success with orders from France, Holland and Belgium after Doctors were shown the new innovation in dental appliances. Its function was to correct myofunctional habits, align erupting teeth and allow for more stable orthodontics. Just 1 size was required for all children in the mixed dentition for all malocclusions. Not long after, Germany, Russia and Italy adopted this appliance, which then sparked the creation of the T4K now used in over 70 countries worldwide.

With such a growing rate of succession with the T4K, requests were raised for more complex appliances to be made for TMJ/D treatment and a replacement for fixed appliances. The TMJ Appliance, TMD Appliance, T4A Appliance, Myobrace and i-3 followed soon after with great success.

On March 24, 2009 in Cologne, Germany, MRC staff from Australia, Europe and USA all came together to show the world, just what they had been up to in the past two years.

The MRC Clinics System

The topic of conversation at the MRC booth was the introduction of MRC Clinics, an evolutionary concept in myofunctional orthodontic treatment and practice management. This complete system allows trained professionals to commence a very viable and profitable practice entity, which can return benefits to the community. The system allows Doctors to allocate a practice module to the MRC Clinics philosophy and appliances.

According to MRC, "The fact is, 60-70% of all growing children in any population will show signs of malocclusion. MRC has developed appliances, which uniquely target the needs of this large number of growing children from 5 to 15 years who have a developing malocclusion. Simultaneous treatment of myofunctional habits and dental alignment in the growing child has proven an effective new way to do Orthodontic treatment. In effect, better faces with less braces. MRC Clinics accommodates the needs of all children aged 5-15 years, not just those of orthodontic age."

New Appliances - the i-2

As you would expect, MRC has new appliances to satisfy the growing number of children with malocclusions. First seen at the IDS was their latest appliance, the i-2 for interceptive class II correction. The i-2 follows the success of the i-3 appliance for class III correction. Receiving an overwhelming response, the i-2 may break new ground in dental appliances. The specifications and applications for the i-2 will be discussed in coming feature articles.

Attending IDS can be an amazing launch pad for those who seek international exposure, and this year was no exception. If you didn't know there was a global financial crisis on, you would assume nothing was wrong in the world at IDS 2009. It was a great opportunity to see and discuss new technologies and innovations with other industry professionals worldwide. MRC looks forward to IDS 2011.

For more info, see www.myoresearch.com

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