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Smart Moves for Dental Professionals On the Ball Home Exercise DVD - 2nd Edition

Occupational Health & Safety Training

Based on the latest research in back pain, exercise physiology and dental ergonomics, the Smart Moves for Dental Professionals On the Ball Home Exercise DVD contains three complete exercise routines to help you prevent pain and work longer with less fatigue. Highly effective exercises that specifically target the unique muscle imbalances in dental hygienists.

The 2nd edition of this exercise program incorporates the latest research on low back pain, neck pain, dental ergonomics and exercise physiology into a highly effective exercise routine that address the unique muscle imbalances that tend to develop in dental hygienists.

  • Learn how to perform muscular endurance training on key stabilizing muscles to help prevent pain, work more comfortably and tone your body.
  • Learn which exercises and gym machines can worsen the health of dental professionals.
  • Educational narrative throughout the DVD helps the dental professional apply exercise concepts and movement to their everyday practice in the operatory for a long and healthy career!

This one DVD contains three complete work-outs:

  • Stretching routine: Eight specific stretches help reduce painful trigger points, disc degeneration, muscle ischemia and imbalances (15 mins).
  • Two Muscular Endurance Training routines. Work longer with less discomfort and fatigue by targeting stabilizing muscles of the trunk and shoulder girdle. Sculpt your mid-section and define your upper body with a variety of exercises (22 mins each).

PLUS: A Bonus 10-minute Time-Saver Workout for anyone who doesn't have time for an entire workout. The 10-minute Time-Saver Workout bundles the "Top 5" Essential Exercises for dental professionals into a quick 10-minute time routine.

The Smart Moves for Dental Professionals On the Ball Home Exercise DVD was developed by Bethany Valachi, PT, MS, CEAS, a renowned physical therapist, dental ergonomic consultant and author of the book, "Practice Dentistry Pain-Free: Evidence-based Strategies to Prevent Pain & Extend Your Career". She is clinical instructor of ergonomics at OHSU School of Dentistry in Portland, Oregon and lectures internationally. She has provided ergonomic consultations to dental professionals nationwide for over 15 years.

The "Smart Moves for Dental Professionals On the Ball Home Exercise" DVD kit includes the DVD, two elastic therabands, door anchor, laminated double-sided colour cue card and instruction manual (You need to supply your own exercise ball). To order the kit or any of Bethany Valachi's other books or DVDs for dental professionals forimmediate shipping and delivery from Australia, please shop online at:



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