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29 Aug 2021 | Australasian Dental Practice

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SimpliShade conquers shade selection, saves time, reduces waste

By Dr Aodhan Docherty

Composite Resin New Products

As a practice owner and dentist who loves restorative and cosmetic dentistry, there are some major challenges I face day to day.

Shade selection is one of the most common problems that my associate dentists come to me and ask for help with. Many practices often have a fishing tackle box filled with different types of composites, enamel shades, body shades, dentine shades and effect enamels. We all know that sometimes having too much choice can over complicate things. Secondly, many dentists do not have the technical knowledge on how to perform difficult layering techniques and often we do not have the time to do these in clinical practice.

From a business perspective having to hold too much stock is not feasible or practical for most. There are many times where composite shades are purchased and then wasted and go out of date, costing the practice needlessly.

Kerr's new SimpliShade™ universal composite has helped us address these challenges. By simplifying the shade selection right down to 3 choices, there is far less guess work and less time wasted. There is also no need to perform complex layering techniques, however you still have the option to cut back incisal edges and place Harmonize shades or effect enamel. Reducing the inventory/stock is also a major advantage and a big cost saver to the practice overheads.

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