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09 Feb 2017 | Press Release

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Sidexis iX: Better communication of treatment proposals

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Understanding 3D images is a standard work tool for dentists, but for patients it is difficult to understand because they are not accustomed to viewing and evaluating X-ray images. “Experience from the daily practice routine shows that patients can more easily understand X-rays images and the resulting treatment proposal when the data files are given to them. The iPads have proven to be a huge advantage for patient communication,” said Dirk Rudek, responsible product manager at Dentsply Sirona Imaging. Dentsply Sirona is therefore working both on further development of the proven standard Sidexis imaging software as well as the iPad version for viewing X-ray data.

The new version 3.5 for Sidexis iX has been available in the Apple app store since January 2017. It allows access and viewing of the existing 2D data records in the Sidexis database. Different types of generic implants can also be placed as well as positioned, scaled and rotated in 2D X-ray images with typical iPad gestures. Dental practitioners can also send screenshots with implants and freehand annotations to the Sidexis 4 database so they can be displayed in the timeline of the patient and in the light box. While the proven Galileos Implant software, which runs as an extension of Sidexis 4 on a PC, allows sound 3D implant planning, Sidexis iX provides practitioners with the perfect additional tool for outlining the implant treatment to the patient very quickly.

First true 3D representation of X-ray data for the iPad

At the IDS 2017, Dentsply Sirona Imaging will introduce the new Sidexis iX 4.0. This version makes it possible for the dentist to depict three-dimensional X-rays as a 3D-rendered image and an axial, coronal or sagittal section view on the iPad. In the section views, users and patients can use their finger to navigate through the individual views – similar to how the mouse is used in Sidexis 4 to navigate a 3D data record on the PC. Additionally, users can zoom with the familiar two-finger gesture known from other iPad applications. Sidexis iX 4.0 will be the first iPad app able to depict an actual volume on the iPad.

The X-ray images are downloaded from the Sidexis 4 database via WLAN as customary and stored locally on the iPad. The clever compression technique allows quick transfer of the large data volume, which remains on the device until deleted. The volume loads in seconds when opened again to help facilitate patient communication in a modern way.

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