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30 Sep 2010 | eLABORATE

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PalaXpress Ultra by Heraeus with new formula

Fracture resistance is important in denture bases. The new cold-curing acrylic PalaXpress ultra from Heraeus offers a new class of denture acrylics that is up to 50 per cent more fracture resistant than other cold-curing acrylics. Heraeus has continuously refined the formula for particularly easy and reliable processing and excellent aesthetic results.

The secret of PalaXpress ultra's high fracture resistance is a new material with natural rubber-based additives. These particles are highly soluble and form an even and strong bond with the other components of the powder-liquid system during polymerisation. Through this technology Heraeus ensures increased stability in the high-performance acrylic. It stops micro-fissures, preventing the formation of fracture points. Heraeus is the first manufacturer to integrate this technology in cold-curing acrylics.

Dentures made of PalaXpress ultra are extremely durable. The acrylic meets the strict requirements of ISO 20795-1:2008 for fracture resistance. In the categories "flexural strength" and "modulus of elasticity", the denture acrylic also exceeds the required values. These high values in all categories make the polymerised material highly durable, stable and yet flexible. This increases the longevity, minimises complementary repairs and increases laboratory, dentist and patient satisfaction.

Pala Xpress ultra makes the production of high-quality dentures even easier and more reliable. The powder-liquid system can be processed in the same way as any other cold-curing acrylic. The fracture resistance and elasticity of PalaXpress ultra reduce the risk of spalling during trimming and polishing and provide additional safety also for tricky processes like deflasking. Thanks to the new formula of PalaXpress ultra, powder and liquid blend perfectly.

As a universal acrylic, PalaXpress ultra can be used for all indications and all established methods of fabrication. The cold-curing acrylic is suitable for the casting technique as well as for the injection method with Palajet. As a component of the PALA system, the new acrylic can be used with Heraeus' familiar PALA equipment. The flexible and versatile material is suitable for more than just the standard requirements of dentures: fabrication of implant-borne prostheses and two-part dentures as well as of cast model based partial dentures or full dentures is convenient and reliable.

The new PalaXpress ultra is available as a powder-liquid system in six colours (pink, pink veined, pink live, R50 veined, pink opaque and colourless).



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