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31 May 2020 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Nothing else compares to Zoom!

Philips Oral Health Care has conducted many Zoom whitening demonstrations in Australian dental practices and at trade events. One of the demonstrators was Alex Tsikleas, who presented at the International Symposium of Dental Hygiene (ISDH) in 2019 and at other trade events. We want to gain some insight into Alex and her preference for Zoom whitening.

Please tell us about your current role(s) and professional background?

I'm a registered Oral Health Therapist and have been working in both general dental and orthodontic practices over the years. I'm currently working at NK Orthodontist as an Oral Health Therapist, carrying out orthodontic procedures under the guidance of the orthodontist and educating patients on their oral health care at home.

In your roles, do you conduct tooth whitening?

Yes. Whitening has proven to be a great add-on at the end of a patient's orthodontic treatment to "complete" their smile.

Are you doing in-chair treatments or take-home?

Both. For certain patients, I recommend using take home whitening gel in their Invisalign aligners if they are concerned about keeping their teeth white during treatment. Zoom in-chair whitening is very popular to do after braces or Invisalign treatment is completed.

On average how many in-chair whitening sessions per week are you doing?

2-3 sessions per week.

What is your preferred brand for whitening and why?

I absolutely love and recommend Philips Zoom. I have used many other whitening products over the years and found nothing else compares.

What tips or hints do you have for other dental practitioners on whitening treatments?

With in-chair whitening it's all about ensuring you have isolated correctly. The Zoom kits have everything you need to effectively and safely whiten. Ensure you cover any gingival recession areas and slightly overlap the enamel with the gingival barrier [Liquidam] to form an enamel seal.

Are there some pitfalls in doing whitening that you have encountered or heard about that you would like to share with other dental practitioners?

To ensure the whitening gel activates effectively, it's important to bring the gel to room temperature prior to the appointment. The best way to do this is to take it out of the fridge a few hours before the appointment or the night before, if it's an early morning appointment.

For best results ensure patients have had a dental check-up and clean prior to the whitening appointment. I generally recommend doing this at least 1-2 weeks between the appointments to allow any gingival inflammation and sensitivity to settle.

On the day of whitening, give the teeth a simple polish with only pumice, not prophy paste, as prophy pastes can potentially create a surface smear layer on the enamel that may interfere with the bleaching.

Do you like doing tooth whitening and why?

I love how teeth whitening is such an affordable procedure to boost a patient's confidence and enhance their smile. It is a great procedure for Oral Health Therapists or Hygienists to carry out. While the lamp is doing its job, it's also a great opportunity to use the time to catch up on notes and treatment plans too!

Can you tell us about the most gratifying case you have done?

A patient in her 50s finished her orthodontic treatment after almost three years in fixed braces. The thing she was most looking forward to during her treatment was getting Zoom in-chair whitening when the braces came off. I recommend waiting at least two weeks after taking fixed braces or Invisalign attachments off to allow the enamel to settle and reduce any potential sensitivity.

So, when she finally had her teeth whitened after the two weeks and looked in the mirror to a straight white smile, her expression and delight was priceless!

Is there anything else you would like to share on Zoom whitening?

I love how easy it is to advertise teeth whitening with Philips Zoom to attract new patients into the practice.

Whitening is also a great incentive for your regular patients to look after their oral health. With newly whitened teeth, I've found patients are motivated to use their new electric toothbrush (Sonicare is my pick!) and brush effectively twice a day and keep up their regular check up and cleaning appointments.

Thank you Alex.


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