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New Wieland Zenotec Select Hybrid offers automated wet and dry milling

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Ivoclar Vivadent has launched the new Wieland Zenotec Select Hybrid milling system, offering dental laboratories an innovative 5-axis mill with both wet and dry capabilities for IPS e.max, zirconia and a range of other materials.

An optional 8-disc automated material changer allows lengthy unattended operation whilst a software-controlled workflow manages the switchover from wet to dry operation and vice versa in no time.

"The new Wieland Zenotec Select Hybrid delivers everything our customers have been asking for," said Stewart Forman, Market Development Manager at Ivoclar Vivadent in Australia. "The demand for e.max continues to skyrocket and our network of laboratories want to be able to mill it in-house. This latest offering brings together the best CAD/CAM technology on the market with the best material to deliver the perfect solution for any sized laboratory looking for a competitive edge."

Wieland was acquired by Ivoclar Vivadent in late 2012 and two years later, the Zenotec Select Hybrid finally aligns Wieland's strengths in CAD/CAM hardware and software with Ivoclar Vivadent's flagship IPS e.max material. And, in addition to offering "wet" grinding of e.max, the Zenotec Select Hybrid can incorporate the IPS e.matrix option, a patented multiholder that allows up to six blocks of various sizes to be machined in one grinding sequence.

Whereas Wieland's Zenostar ziroconia range is available in discs, allowing multiple restorations to be nested and milled in one session, e.max is only available in single restoration blocks (including bridges). The IPS e.matrix holds up to six blocks of different sizes and colours, whilst only occupying one slot on the optional automated material changer.

Wieland's unique and innovative CAM software has been updated to manage the properties of each individual block in the IPS e.matrix as well as the automated changeover from wet to dry and dry to wet depending on the material chosen for each restoration. In conjunction with the 8-disc automated material changer, the mill can be loaded with the gamut of available materials for unattended operation.

Wide range of materials

In addition to IPS e.max and zirconia, the Zenotec Select Hybrid system features coordinated materials that cover a broad and comprehensive spectrum of indications including ceramics, acrylic resins and wax. In addition to materials from third parties, Wieland and Ivoclar Vivadent offer Zenostar®, Zenotec® Zr Bridge, Telio® CAD for Zenotec, Zenotec PMMA Cast, Zenotec Wax and Zenotec Model to suit the majority of indications.

Economical automation due to 8-disc material changer

Optionally, the Zenotec Select Hybrid incorporates automatic materials management in the form of an integral 8-disc material changer. Depending on the restoration, a suitable material is selected and automatically inserted into the machine. This feature enables laboratories to process milling jobs automatically and in sequence, effectively extending the working hours of the laboratory. Processed materials are subsequently transferred back to the stack, from where they can be removed without interrupting the milling or grinding operation. A software-controlled workflow manages the switchover from wet to dry operation and vice versa in no time.

User-friendly software

Apart from the machine control applications, the Zenotec select hybrid software suite also contains the user-friendly Zenotec CAM program. This software is a valuable aid to blank management, ensuring space-saving nesting combined with fast computation and exceptional ease of use. Furthermore, the proven Wieland milling strategies and milling geometries produce high-precision results.

Wet grinding

Zenotec select hybrid additionally offers the option of wet-grinding operation. Up to six IPS e.max CAD for Zenotec blocks can be machined in one grinding sequence. The specially developed multi-holder IPS e.matrix allows blocks of different sizes and colours to be stacked in random order.

Efficient and universal thanks to 16-position tool changer

The 16-position tool changer, which is located directly at the workpiece, allows tools to be changed fully automatically. Worn tools are automatically replaced with new ones.

5-axis Manufacturing without limitations

The 5-axis simultaneous milling protocol enables the reproduction of the most complex of shapes, even those featuring undercuts and different insertion directions. Consequently, the equipment has an extensive application spectrum.



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