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New VITAPAN EXCELL: Efficiency and brilliance according to aesthetic rules

By Joseph Allbeury

VITAPAN EXCELL is the designated successor of the legendary ready-to-use VITAPAN prosthetic tooth. This highly aesthetic natural-looking tooth will permit practical and efficient laboratory use in all prosthetic disciplines. Standard aesthetic rules have been consistently implemented in the design of this premium multi-purpose tooth. What is applicable to all dental medicine and dental technology disciplines should after all also apply to the production of ready-to-use acrylic teeth. Tooth axis, contact surface, angle characteristics, tooth neck dimension, gingival line and width/length ratio of the VITAPAN EXCELL range correspond to the generally applicable rules of aesthetics prescribed by nature.

Efficient all-rounder

Not only absolutely natural in appearance, but also easy to arrange, VITAPAN EXCELL front teeth can be matched easily and particularly harmoniously in the aesthetic region thanks to a perfect tooth axis, coordinated angle characteristics and a balanced, realistic tooth shape. Broad palatal ridges allow optimized modeling of the papilla. Efficient arrangement with exactly defined centric relation in the side tooth area is ensured by VITAPAN LINGOFORM's successful multi-functional chewing surface design. This is based on a cogwheel principle, which is universally suitable for all common arrangement concepts used for tooth-to-tooth or one tooth-to-two-teeth. VITAPAN EXCELL and VITAPAN LINGOFORM is a complementary system for quick and simple arrangement in everyday lab work.

What a lovely tooth!

VITAPAN EXCELL's three-dimensional anatomical architecture composed of multiple layers and an harmonious colour gradient from neck to incisal area makes the tooth appear very realistic. Its true-to-nature morphology and multi-faceted surface texture ensure brilliant colour and light effects. The colour appears organic due to pronounced incisal characteristics with whitish incisal margin and integrated mamelon structure analogous to a natural tooth anatomy. Balanced light transmission leads to natural-looking light dynamics, while at the same time allowing thin grinding. This is particularly advantageous in implant-borne prostheses and combination work.

Best abrasion stability

The tried-and-tested homogeneous composite formulation VITA MRP (Microfiller Reinforced Polyacrylic) offers safe grinding and abrasion stability. A pin-on-block wear test carried out at the University of Regensburg (Report Number: 280_2/Project Number: 280. 2015-11-09) on VITA PHYSIODENS showed that the chemistry of the VITA teeth is literally right: VITA MRP technology displayed significantly lower maximum abrasion than the competitor products of eight tooth lines included in the test. VITAPAN EXCELL ensures a smooth lab workflow as well as long-term stability for patients.

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