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31 Mar 2021 | Oral Hygiene

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New Pola Rapid: Super fast in-office whitening treatment

SDI Limited is proud to announce the launch of Pola Rapid, a new in-office whitening treatment that safely whitens teeth in a super fast 24-minute application time - significantly faster than other alternative whitening options.

The specially formulated high viscosity 38% hydrogen peroxide gel enables a superior handling process with a faster application and removal time due to its non-stick attributes. Furthermore, Pola Rapid uses a vivid blue colour for ease of visibility and application.

Pola Rapid does not need an additional pre-desensitiser step. Instead, Pola Rapid uses a unique potassium nitrate and high water content ratio to maximise patient comfort and reduce treatment time. In addition, Pola Rapid contains fluoride to further strengthen teeth and protect against sensitivity.

No mixing required. The dual barrel syringe system automatically self-mixes as the whitening gel is applied directly to the tooth. The supplied brush tip is sculpted to deliver a smooth and more precise application.

Pola Rapid delivers super fast results and is specially formulated to reduce sensitivity. The Pola tooth whitening range has successfully improved the smiles of millions of patients across over 100 countries. SDI has an ongoing commitment to providing better tooth whitening solutions that are safe, simple and effective. Pola Rapid is an Australian innovation and is available through all major dental distributors.

Pola Rapid is available in 1 or 3 patient kits.


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