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30 Sep 2023 | Oral Hygiene

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New Panasonic Oral Irrigators harness ultrasonic technology for optimal outcomes

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is crucial for overall health and as dental professionals, it's our responsibility to provide our patients with the best tools for achieving optimal oral care. One such tool that has been garnering attention in the industry is the new Panasonic range of Oral Irrigators. With cutting-edge ultrasonic technology and a track record of delivering remarkable results, they are helping change the game in the realm of oral hygiene. In this article, we will explore why offering Panasonic Oral Irrigators to your patients can revolutionise their oral care routines.

The power of ultrasonic technology

In the pursuit of comprehensive oral care, traditional methods such as brushing and flossing have long been staples. However, with the introduction of ultrasonic technology, Panasonic Oral Irrigators have taken dental hygiene to the next level. Ultrasonic technology utilises high-frequency sound waves to create tiny bubbles in the mouthwash or water used in the device. These bubbles effectively clean and remove plaque, bacteria and food particles from hard-to-reach areas, such as gum pockets and between teeth. The ultrasonic technology employed by Panasonic Oral Irrigators ensures a deeper and more thorough cleaning, enhancing the overall oral health of patients.

Enhanced patient experience

A major advantage of Panasonic Oral Irrigators lies in their ability to provide a gentle and comfortable oral care experience. Traditional flossing can often be uncomfortable, leading to patients neglecting essential interdental cleaning. With Panasonic Oral Irrigators, however, patients can experience a non-invasive and soothing way to remove debris and maintain oral health. The adjustable water pressure settings allow for a customised experience, catering to each patient's unique needs.

Convenience and efficiency

In our fast-paced world, convenience plays a significant role in our daily routines. Panasonic Oral Irrigators recognise this and offer a solution that seamlessly integrates into patients' busy lives. With their compact design and easy-to-use functionality, these devices allow for fast, hassle-free oral care both at home and on the go. The efficient cleaning process saves time while providing remarkable results.

Excellent clinical results

Dr Nicholas Hocking (BDS (Adel), MSc (Lond), M.Clin.Dent (Pros) (Lond), FICD, FPFA), a dental surgeon and clinical lecturer with vast experience in the field of dental implants, has seen positive results from his patient's use of Panasonic Oral Irrigators as a means to enhance their oral hygiene. He stated, "I'm seeing the Panasonic water flossers produce really excellent clinical results. I'm strongly recommending this oral hygiene aid to my patients to aid in maintaining ideal hygiene around implant-supported restorations, particularly for large or full- arch restorations where palatal access is challenging."

Supporting your practice

To support dental practices, Panasonic have recently appointed MKS Health Technologies, a local Australian business specialising in solutions for the health and well-being sectors to supply their Oral Care range in the Australian market. Matthew Shepherd, Managing Director of MKS Health Technologies said, "We're delighted to be adding the Panasonic Oral Care range to our product offering. With their advanced ultrasonic technology, easy-to-use designs and exceptional cleaning power, these devices offer a comprehensive solution for healthy teeth and gums." Dental practitioners looking to provide their patients with the Panasonic range should contact MKS Health Technologies for professional pricing and special introductory offers for their dental practice.


Incorporating Panasonic Oral Irrigators into your dental practice not only demonstrates your commitment to offering the latest advancements in oral care but also provides your patients with an alternative, effective and enjoyable means of achieving optimal oral hygiene. With the remarkable benefits of ultrasonic technology and support from MKS Health Technologies, Panasonic Oral Irrigators are poised to revolutionise the oral care routines of your patients.

For more information, visit http://www.mkshealthtech.com.au, email info@mkshealthtech.com.au or call 1300-202-264.



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