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05 Dec 2022 | Australasian Dental Practice

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New MyLunos air polishing handpiece

Dürr Dental has launched its portable powder handpiece in Australia. MyLunos, which has been available overseas since 2017, offers simple, powerful and ergonomic assistance when you need to remove discolouration, deposits and biofilms. Depending on the nozzle, it is ready for either supra- or subgingival applications.

The MyLunos handpiece sits comfortably in your hand due to its ergonomic design and interchangeable powder chambers, eliminating the need to refill in the middle of treatment. It also has the added benefits of allowing you to change from supra- to subgingival cleaning with a quick change of the nozzle.

In terms of reprocessing, all components are autoclavable and can be placed in the ultrasonic bath, reducing risk of clogging and ease of maintenance.

The primary benefits of subgingival air polishing are its gentler application and shorter treatment time in comparison to hand and ultrasonic instrumentation.

One of the low-abrasive powder materials, a non-cariogenic disaccharide, trehalose, has demonstrated equivalent outcomes to ultrasonic scaling over 12 months in terms of reducing periodontal pockets and bleeding on probing in patients with pocket depths of 5-9mm.

This was conducted using the new sterile perio tip designed by Dürr Dental, which has a small flexible diameter, allowing easy entry into the periodontal pocket, providing a much more comfortable experience for the patient compared to ultrasonic scaling. In contrast to an apical streaming tip, the single opening on the lateral surface of the tip enables optimal redirection of the compressed air towards the root surface, lowering the risk of emphysema.

Trehalose, which is substantially less abrasive than glycine and sodium bicarbonate, has also demonstrated the best efficacy for supragingival stain and biofilm removal.

The MyLunos supra nozzle allows easy removal of plaque and stains using trehalose that can be integrated into routine hygiene visits, cleaning around orthodontic brackets or preparing for fissure sealants.

There are three flavours of the trehalose-containing Gentle Clean powder for supragingival application: orange, spearmint and neutral. Additionally, a neutral-flavoured Perio Combi powder is offered as a one-for-all powder for both supragingival and subgingival treatments. Patients no longer need to feel the unpleasant grittiness commonly associated with air polishing due to trehalose's exceptional water solubility, along with a pleasant tasting experience.

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