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New high-impact, self-curing denture acrylic for every indication

PalaXtreme offers high-impact strength, excellent handling characteristics, colour stability, fast results and allergy friendliness. The new "core shell" technology minimises the risk of fractures, especially for implant supported dentures.

PalaXtreme is a high-impact, self-curing dental acrylic that offers labs great flexibility. The acrylic is just as easy to use as - or even easier than - conventional autopolymerising materials for both pouring and injection techniques. The acrylic also minimises the risk of allergies for technicians and patients - proving that it is both strong and gentle at the same time. In an international pre-launch test of 28 dental technicians from 7 countries, 96 per cent (27 of 28) said they would switch to PalaXtreme.

Reliable quality

PalaXtreme gets its fracture toughness from the new "core shell technology" - polymer pearls with a flexible micro-core. The flexible core prevents the pearl from breaking and acts as a shock absorber to prevent any microscopic damage from spreading to other pearls.

As a result of the extreme durability and colour stability of PalaXtreme, dental labs can minimise material-based complaints and reduce the amount of time lost on warranty repairs. PalaXtreme exceeds both of the pass/fail durability tests of ISO 20795 for maximum stress intensity ( and total fracture of work ( It also far exceeds the standard's requirements for thermal colour stability (8.4), so that whitening is not an issue.

Efficiency and productivity-boosting

Since PalaXtreme covers every indication, it can replace multiple brands of acrylics to save space and simplify the selection of materials. Dental labs will also benefit from having a competent partner who can help them master new techniques, such as injection, or learn special tips and tricks to make their labs more cost- and time-efficient.

Allergy friendly

PalaXtreme is more than extremely durable, high-quality and cost-effective. It's extremely gentle as well. With very low levels of residual monomers and no free peroxide, it protects technicians against the development of allergies, a common occupational risk of long term acrylic use. Advantages at a glance:

  • Passes both ISO 20795 tests of maximum stress intensity (2.39 MPa*m1/2) and total fracture of work (1,128 J/m2).
  • High-impact strength ensures minimal usage damage and less time-consuming warranty work for all indications including implant-borne dentures.
  • Easy handling for all indications and injection technique-compatible.
  • Exceeds strict colour stability requirements of ISO 20795.
  • Quick pouring and long processing times: pour multiple denture bases with a single mix to save time and cut costs.
  • Extremely low levels of residual monomer (2.03%) ensure patient safety and protect technicians against the development of monomer allergies (exceeds ISO cold cure and heat cure thresholds).

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