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31 May 2021 | Australasian Dental Practice

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MySmileSim.Dental helps you mine the gold in your goodwill

MySmileSim.Dental is a new App and website that can both help dentists attract more new patients and also stimulate greater interest in treatment from existing patients.

MySmileSim.Dental allows patients to take a "selfie" of their smile and receive a custom-designed simulation of how their smile could look after treatment.

Seeing their simulated self is a powerful motivator for considering treatment.

MySmileSim.Dental is already being used by patients to create smile simulations and then being connected with participating dentists for treatment. "Selfies" received by MySmileSim.Dental are "allocated" to participating dentists based on geographical proximity.

Participating dentists can also place their unique link to MySmileSim.Dental on their website to attract new patients using this innovative, interactive feature. Each participating dentist can use their unique link to connect with patients who are predisposed to treatment.

Goodwill mining

One of the most powerful ways to use MySmileSim.Dental, however, is to email a link to your entire patient database as a way of stimulating interest in treatment. From the comfort of their own home, your patients can take a selfie and receive a custom simulation of how their new smile could look after treatment from their already trusted dentist.

MySmileSim.Dental unlocks a new, modern digital patient experience in the convenience of the patient's home without having to visit the dentist.

The MySmileSim.Dental App is a game-changer and will ignite new growth in your practice - bridging the gap between case acceptance, treatment planning and delivery of a predictable result.

MySmileSim.Dental includes ready to use Digital Smile Simulation software and presents a compelling digital treatment option to patients, encouraging them to make appointments, accept your treatment plans and return to your practice.

MySmileSim.Dental software allows you to easily design the perfect smile for your patients, allowing for efficient communication, fast treatment planning and more appointments booked.

When the expectations and plans have been carefully reviewed and discussed with the patient, the end result will more likely meet the expectations of the patient.

Exceptional communication

MySmileSim.Dental is an exceptional tool for communication. It allows dentists to communicate remotely with the patient via their mobile, tablet or computer, ensuring that more appointment bookings are made by the patient, especially the patients that you are not seeing on a regular basis.

Designs can be securely shared via the MySmileSim.Dental App provided free of charge to the patient.

MySmileSim.Dental software provides easy to use tools for designing beautiful, natural and harmonious smiles and does not require any additional equipment or software to function. Participating dentists can create their own simulations or MySmileSim.Dental will complete the simulations and provide options for the dentist to choose to send to the patient.

MySmileSim.Dental revolutionises a dentists' ability to communicate with patients who do not visit the dentist regularly, resulting in a higher rate of case acceptance and more appointments booked due to the improved realisation of created designs.

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