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11 Mar 2015 | Press Release

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Multiple new solutions presented at IDS 2015 bring Straumann closer to being a total solution provider of choice

New Products CEREC

At Europe's leading dental trade fair, the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany, Straumann is presenting a number of new products and solutions, which – together with new partnerships – bring the Group closer to its goal of becoming a total solution provider and thus, the partner of choice in tooth replacement for both dentists and dental labs.


Since the last IDS, Straumann has launched its fully ceramic implant (Straumann® PURE) and has successfully upgraded the majority of its surgical customers to the unique high performance implant material Roxolid®, which has been extended throughout the Straumann implant range. Thanks to its excellent biocompatibility and greater strength than pure titanium, Roxolid makes it possible to use smaller implants, which in turn can avoid the need for bone augmentation, reducing treatment invasiveness.

New generation Bone Level Tapered implant

Roxolid is a key feature of Straumann's new Bone Level Tapered (BLT) Implant, which offers high surgical flexibility and primary stability. Having completed a controlled market release, the new implant is now available in various endosteal diameters (3.3, 4.1 and 4.8mm) and lengths (8 to 16mm), and offers a broad range of prosthetic options. Its design offers high primary stability for immediate or early loading and, with Straumann's SLActive® surface to enhance osseointegration, implant healing time is significantly reduced – making this a new generation bone level tapered implant.


Straumann is placing significant emphasis on enhanced products, technologies and workflows for dental laboratories – from simple Variobase® abutments and milling blanks with original Straumann connections, to new high-tech ceramics, state-of-the-art in-lab mills, scanners, advanced CADCAM functionality and centralized milling services. Together with the partners in its technology platform, the Group is able to offer total solutions to dental labs around the world. More information on these and other new launches will be shared at a dedicated 'Lunch & Learn' session for dental lab professionals during the IDS.

Straumann® Pro Arch – a comprehensive combination

The BLT Implant is an important component in Straumann's Pro Arch solution, which is also new at the IDS. Pro Arch is a comprehensive combination of implants, abutments, CAD/CAM frameworks, auxiliary components and educational support that enable clinicians and dental labs to provide accelerated, fixed, full-arch tooth replacement. This approach reduces the number of treatment sessions and thus minimizes disruption to patients' daily lives. Most importantly, it offers fixed full-arch replacements rather than removable dentures, which many patients view as artificial and inconvenient.

The Pro Arch solution includes a selection of sleek new abutments and auxiliary components that offer a wide range of prosthetic options for screw-retained restorations. The low abutment profile, varied angulations (17° and 30°) and gingiva heights give dentists exceptional flexibility to provide individual solutions including tilted posterior implants.

CARES basic and advanced fixed bars

CARES Visual 9.0, the latest software for Straumann's CADCAM system, adds the functionality for custom-milled bar options and designs to carry the final restoration. This means that clinicians can now provide custom-milled frameworks – both at implant and abutment levels. In addition to titanium and Coron® options Straumann will be introducing zirconium dioxide frameworks in 2015.

Straumann® Variobase® becomes a family

At the previous IDS, Straumann introduced the CARES Variobase® abutment, the basis for a cost-effective hybrid solution consisting of a titanium bonding base and a zirconium dioxide coping. This was to complement its existing range of customized abutments and to offer labs the combined benefit of a metal-to-metal implant- abutment interface with an original Straumann connection and a variety of aesthetic shades. The popularity of this solution has prompted several developments, which make their debut at this year's IDS.

New heights

For additional flexibility – e.g. to support larger crowns, the Variobase now comes with an increased (5.5mm) chimney height, which can be customized and is available for all Straumann implant platforms.

Variobase for bridges and bars

Straumann has also developed a new Variobase for screw- and cement-retained bridge and bar restorations, offering highly flexible and cost-effective solutions for multi-tooth restorations. Its conical design features special helix threads and a minimum plateau for long-term stability and passive fit of the bridge or bar.

Variobase for CEREC®1

Dentists using the CEREC chairside workflow to produce implant-borne restorations now have the option of a Straumann Variobase with an original connection and a concave collar design for an optimized emergence profile. This Variobase is compatible with available material blocks and two-piece scanbodies.

CARES® X-Stream™ for bridges and bars

The CARES X-Stream was launched at the last IDS and streamlines the prosthetic workflow so that all the components are manufactured from only one scan and one design procedure. The digital functionality has been developed further and now includes the processing steps for bridges/bars on the new Variobase.

3M™ESPE™ Lava™ Plus Zirconia for CARES

Straumann also announced today the availability of CARES restorations in 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Plus Zirconia, a material engineered for excellent translucency with uncompromising strength. Lava Plus Zirconia is the only CADCAM material system that matches the 16 VITA® classical A1-D4 shades and two bleached shades.

Pre-milled abutment blanks

To help dental laboratories build their business and maintain implant-abutment precision/reliability, Straumann is now offering titanium blanks with pre-fabricated implant connections. The blanks are compatible with a wide range of milling machines2 and enable labs to fabricate one-piece customized titanium abutments with original Straumann connections in house.


In a separate release, Straumann heralded the arrival of the CARES M Series in-lab milling machine developed by Amann Girrbach to operate with the CARES CADCAM system. The new machine will be offered by Straumann together with the latest CARES 3- and 7-series in-lab CADCAM scanners, which have been co-developed with Dental Wings and are also being launched in Cologne. At Straumann's press conference, Dental Wings will present the new scanners together with its new intra-oral scanner and revolutionary laser-ablation in-lab mill.

In another separate release, Straumann also announced its investment in Valoc AG, a developer and manufacturer of innovative overdenture attachment systems.

'n!ceTM' developed by Straumann, manufactured by etkon, distributed through Instradent

Straumann has developed an exciting new glass ceramic material (lithium disilicate reinforced lithium aluminosilicate) for high-end restorations, including crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers. Under the brand name etkon® n!ceTM, the new material will be manufactured by etkon and supplied in ready-to-mill blocks in the common C14 format. Its key advantages include high flexural strength, short milling times and easy finishing.

Most interestingly, it is available in two stages of crystallization. The partially crystallized version is easy to mill and can be stained and glazed, making it attractive to labs. The fully crystallized form requires no firing and can be milled, finished and seated directly, making it the ideal chairside solution. Straumann plans to release n!ce through its Instradent platform in May 2015 in Europe, with other regions and distribution channels to follow.


Straumann® Patient Pro – a new tool to provide comprehensive information

Research suggests that every other patient consults the internet before, after and sometimes even during the consultation3. Their choice of treatment and/or dental professional is based on the information found. Straumann Patient Pro is a new comprehensive platform that provides dental professionals with digital information to educate patients and to promote their practices. It supports them with materials and tools for the internet and social media as well as for use in their dental practices.

More at the IDS

This release highlights just some of the new products solutions and services that Straumann is presenting at this year's International Dental Show. For more information on these and other products, please visit the Straumann stand in Hall 4.2, G080/K089.

About Straumann

Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Straumann (SIX: STMN) is a global leader in implant, restorative and regenerative dentistry. In collaboration with leading clinics, research institutes and universities, Straumann researches, develops and manufactures dental implants, instruments, prosthetics and tissue regeneration products for use in tooth replacement and restoration solutions or to prevent tooth loss. Straumann currently employs approximately 2400 people worldwide and its products and services are available in more than 70 countries through its broad network of distribution subsidiaries and partners.


  1. CEREC® is a registered trademark of Sirona Dental Systems GmbH, Germany.
  2. Medentika, imes-icore®, Datron D5®, Wissner Gamma 202®, Röders RXD®, Dental Concept DC5®, MB Maschinen Cobra Mill®, VHF.

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