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31 May 2017 | Australasian Dental Practice

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MRC drives for the modernisation of orthodontics at IDS 2017

By Matt Darcy

A record 155,000 people from 157 countries visited Cologne, Germany for the International Dental Show (IDS) in March 2017. Visitors were inundated with an abundance of new innovations on display and Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) took centre stage by showcasing the company's latest developments in appliance technology, patient education and treatment systems.

Exhibiting for the first time 20 years ago, MRC continued to gain momentum at IDS 2017. The company further established its position as one of the world's premier developers in dental-related technologies and advancements in myofunctional orthodontics, TMJ treatment and Sleep Dentistry. The five-day event played a crucial role in educating doctors on the benefits of early intervention and exposing new avenues to collaborate with the medical field.

MRC Europe Training and Support Manager, Edwin van Mensvoort, believed interest in myofunctional orthodontics had peaked at IDS 2017, with attendees immersed in the company's latest contributions to the international showcase. "We had our booth filled all day long," Mr van Mensvoort said.

"It was the busiest and most successful IDS ever for MRC."

The Myofunctional Research Co. booth drew international interest from visitors looking for innovative developments that could diversify their treatment options in the highly competitive field that is modern dentistry.

Malaysian trader Eric Kee said he was impressed with MRC's showcase and was one of many attendees that discovered the benefits of implementing Myobrace® and myOSA® treatment systems in dental clinics around the world.

Myobrace® for Kids Broad Series

The Myobrace for Kids - Broad series was officially released at IDS 2017 and was met with strong interest and intrigue. The appliance series consists of three stages and is designed to satisfy an increasing demand for pre-orthodontic treatment options aimed at treating specific genetic and racial groups with broader arch-forms. The new series was well accepted by the dental community in attendance and was particularly popular in one market. MRC Asia Training and Support Manager Damien O'Brien suggested the newly released Broad series catered to the needs of doctors in his region. "Asian attendees were particularly excited about the options to treat various arch-forms," Mr O'Brien said.

MRC's latest digital advancements also attracted the interest of many doctors throughout the five-day event. "Doctors and dealers alike were waiting for the screening app release to drive forward better treatment and business by having a unique tool that allows clinic staff to explain the dental health issues affecting nearly every patient," Mr O'Brien said.

Myobrace Patient Consultation App

MRC is a world leader in innovative technological advancements and launched the company's latest digital education tool, the Myobrace Patient Consultation App, at IDS 2017. A primary feature of the app is its ability to identify myofunctional problems through the built-in screening tool and output a suggested treatment plan using the Myobrace appliance sequence.

The screening and diagnostic tool also serves as an educational device for practitioners to demonstrate the benefits of myofunctional orthodontics to parent and patient. Mr van Mensvoort revealed the screening app peaked curiosity among visitors. "Special interest was shown in the new Patient Consultation App. Doctors were excited to learn that the App could screen almost any patient in an efficient manner and reduce chairside time," he said.

The growing interest in myofunctional orthodontics demonstrated the dental community's appetite for early treatment and MRC is committed to providing the tools necessary to succeed in any dental environment. Showcasing the latest knowledge and developments with IDS attendees allowed the company to share pre-orthodontic treatment systems that are revolutionising the dental industry.

MRC staff who attended IDS 2017 deemed the event a huge success for the company. "We had an unbelievable response with the world realising the implications of poor myofunctional habits and airway dysfunction," Mr O'Brien said.

Mr van Mensvoort believed exhibiting at IDS 2017 would have a ripple effect globally. "In terms of numbers of exhibitors and visitors, all records were broken. We spoke to interested doctors and dealers from all over the world," he said.

Globally, practitioners who have implemented myofunctional orthodontics in their clinics are experiencing increased practice profitability and patient flow, as well as providing more permanent treatment outcomes for their patients. The increasing demand for more natural solutions to the growing epidemic of malocclusion, airway dysfunction, TMJ and sleep related disorders has been satisfied by MRC through non-invasive orthodontic techniques, using the Myobrace and myOSA treatment systems.


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