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31 Jan 2021 | Australasian Dental Practice

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It’s all about making a good first impression

What's causing the latest buzz in dental sleep appliance materials? Nylon. It's an innovative new option that brings wider choice to patients. And professional dentists certainly want choice when it comes to offering patient solutions.

Dental Sleep Lab provides the full range of sleep devices and materials - including nylon. They are here to help dentists cater for every patient's unique need. Professional dentists want choice when it comes to helping their patients. With Dental Sleep Lab, you can still access high quality acrylic sleep appliances and softer materials, as well as nylons. They cater to every patient requirement.

Dental Sleep Lab (DSL) is a proud local manufacturer of sleep devices in every available material using on-site digital design and laser printing technology. They work closely with their clients to ensure accurate fit and fast production for their patients' devices, whether it's made of nylon, acrylic or pressure-formed.

DSL is an important part of Proslab Dental, a full service laboratory meeting the unique needs of dentists and dental clinics across Australia for more than 30 years. Proslab accepts intraoral scans and the lab is a high-quality digital manufacturing environment. All their work is designed and manufactured onsite, with internal specialist technicians experienced in the entire range of dental appliances including:

  • CAD/CAM digital dentures (full and partial);
  • Chrome cobalt laser printed appliances (SLM);
  • CAD/CAM sleep devices (nylon, acrylic, thermoplastic - supporting all appliance types);
  • CAD-designed milled occlusal splints;
  • Crown and bridge, IPS e.max, PRETTAU Zirconia; and
  • All-on-4™ prosthetics.

"Clients are surprised when they realise the breadth of our lab's onsite capabilities," said Proslab owner, Damian Synefias. "Not only do they rely on our extensive expertise to land on the right solution, but dental clinics love the efficiency of dealing with a single lab for all their needs. I'm personally involved with the team and with our clients' workflows, which nurtures the deep trust they have in Proslab."

DSL clients are pleasantly surprised to find that they can have all their oral appliance needs serviced in the one place. They get superior results from locally made solutions using digital technology, with personalised attention from the experts who offer 30+ years' experience in dentistry.

If you're keen to streamline your workflow and be supported by expert advice for every patient device, we invite you to call Damian at Proslab Dental.

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