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30 Jun 2023 | Oral Hygiene

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Innovative, sustainable oral care products

It's twelve months since dental manufacturer and wholesaler Ozdent launched the GO2 Dentagenie range of innovative, sustainable oral care products in Australia with a mission to improve and simplify oral health care.

"We've designed and developed a range of new, innovative, patented and patent pending products to meet consumer needs to improve the oral care category and simplify the daily oral care ritual," said Ozdent General Manager Denise Goodwin. And so far, the products are a hit, with the range being taken up by many retailers including Woolworths and David Jones, plus pharmacies and dental distributors.

"With only approximately 10 per cent of people flossing daily, for example, we're attempting to introduce our products to the 90 per cent of people not flossing regularly, to help create healthier habits," Ms Goodwin said.

"Not caring for your oral health can impact negatively on your overall health and wellbeing. We want to remove as many barriers to using the GO2 Dentagenie Oral Care range as possible. Ozdent, through our work with universities, hospitals and dental professionals, feel it's our obligation to increase the participation rate, which in turn will improve oral care health outcomes."

The range

The GO2 Dentagenie range currently comprises several products with more to come:

  • Flosspyx. The current Flosspyx range comes in Fine (for light teeth). Double ("twice the clean") and Smooth ("gentle" floss tape), with all variants minty flavoured for "added freshness".
  • Dental Brushes. These are interdental brushes with "soft coated wire bristles, gentle to protect, firm enough to get the job done".
  • Softstx. Two-in-one design with "super-soft", minty, flexible bristles on one end and a firm textured toothpick on the other.
  • Kiddo Flossers. These offer "berry awesome" infused floss with "jumbo" grip, promoted as being "great" for kids from "four to our tweens and adults and parents too".
  • Tongue Cleaner is "disposable, hygienic, always clean, always fresh. Just scrape tongue and toss."
  • Silver Flosspyx. "Australia's first" antibacterial floss.
  • Molar Flosspyx. Y-shaped to "easily" reach both front and back teeth.
  • Kiddo Tongue Cleaner. Hygienic scraper to help remove bacteria from children's tongues.
  • Water Flosser. "A micro bubble blast flushes plaque and bacteria from between teeth and along the gum line.

Addressing sustainability

Ozdent acknowledges that GO2 Dentagenie can't save the world alone", so it invites retailers and customers to live by the brand's mantra, 'Earth lovin'. We're simply trying to be better, giving consumers a better choice from the strictly 'all plastic' options currently available." Ms Goodwin said.

"We use paper-based packaging instead of 100 per cent plastic bags and our Flosspyx/Flosser and Tongue Cleaner ranges are made from post-consumer recycled plastic. This is plastic that has previously been made into a product, used, thrown away, collected, cleaned, reprocessed and remade into something new. Products made from post-consumer plastic close the loop, diverting plastic products from landfill and instead allowing them to be recycled - in its truest sense - into something else."

The Dental Brush range is also made from a proprietary blend of corn starch and plastic.

Staying Safe



Staying Safe

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