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01 Nov 2005 | Australasian Dental Practice

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The, a new Queensland-based company distributing the Sterngold range of implants and a full range of accessories and complimentary products, launched at the AOS in Canberra in October.

The new player in the increasingly competitive osseointegration market plans to exclusively do business through its namesake website to keep overheads to a minimum and supply its products overnight at a very low price point. The company will have no sales reps and no accounts - everything must be paid by credit card on the secure website.

According to their catalogue, a typical Sterngold acid-etched, self-tapping, double-threaded screw implant made from pure grade 4 titanium, including a cover screw and all made in the USA, will retail for just $165 plus GST (total price $181.50). are agents for Sterngold Implamed implants and Sterngold abutments, Omni surgical drape kits and disposable medical devices, Meisenger bone management systems and implantstore drills with stops. All products are TGA approved for sale in Australia. will also carry the Sterngold ERA Attachment System - short for Economical, Resilient and Adaptable - and the matched ERA Implant System that together are designed to immediately stabilise an overdenture or protect an osseous graft site. ERA implants can be used permanently or temporarily and are unique due to its micro prosthetic head, ability to correct misangulation and true resiliency.

Sterngold-ImplaMed UCLA-type abutments including waxing sleeves are also available in single-implant (hexed) and multi-implant (non-hexed) designs for $95. The UCLA-type abutment is attached directly to the implant and provides a pattern for the creation of a screw-retained veneered crown.

Omni Implantology drape kits are being stocked and a modest $120+GST buys two standard kits; for two advanced kits, the price increases to $145+GST. Meisinger's range of implantology instruments for bone management are also being stocked and these include a set of trephines, rotating osteotomes to increase ridge width and a new set of distraction devices for both vertical and horizontal alveolar distraction.

Implantstore drills with stops are cost-effective reusable implant drills with a drill stop that can be set the desired length on a full range of implant diameters. This can be used near the sinus floor or in the mandibular arch to avoid vital structures such as the inferior alveolar nerve. They are particularly useful when using minimal flap procedures that restrict visibility of the bone crest.




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