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31 Jul 2022 | Australasian Dental Practice

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High-speed sintering in just 20 minutes

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Amann Girrbach's High-Speed Zirconia Kit allows users to sinter zirconia restorations in only 20 minutes. Consisting of the High-Speed Ceramill Therm DRS sintering furnace and the specifically developed Zolid DRS zirconia, the High-Speed Zirconia Kit provides the perfect basis for the ultra-fast fabrication of highly aesthetic zirconia restorations. The restorations can be sintered in just 20 minutes and offer maximum efficiency with a natural appearance due to the perfectly coordinated 16 Vita shades with integrated shade and translucency gradient.

The focus of the development was clearly on the issue of safety, as only durable restorations are of benefit to the laboratory, the clinician and the patient. For this reason, numerous studies were already conducted by renowned external institutes during the development phase. The result was conclusive: the fast sintering cycle has no relevant influence on optical or mechanical properties. In addition, the high flexural strength of > 800 MPa and the associated classification as a Class 5 zirconia provides an additional safety cushion.

Both laboratories and dental practices benefit from this innovative high-speed sintering process enabling them to add the so-called "Same Day Crown" to their service offering. Due to the extremely shortened sintering process, single-tooth crowns and three-pontic bridges can be realized in just one day, from preparation to final insertion.

What's more, the fabrication of other indications can also be shortened considerably, for example, an implant restoration consisting of a zirconia abutment and a crown. Whereas previously at least two days had to be allowed for in planning this type of restoration, it can now be fabricated easily in less than 24 hours with the High-Speed Zirconia Kit.

The High-Speed Zirconia Kit offers every user an efficient and profitable process extension for the fabrication of zirconia in everyday routines - while at the same time maintaining natural aesthetics and maximum safety.

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