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High-precision milling with Zirkonzahn M2 Dual Teleskoper

Zirkonzahn M2 Dual Teleskoper milling units have a specific mission: to guarantee high-precision milling of all common soft and hard dental material blanks (zirconia, resin, wax, sinter metal, cobalt-chrome alloy, titanium, Raw-Abutments®, glass ceramic and composite).

The M2 Dual Teleskoper features high stability due to the proven 5+1-axis simultaneous milling technology with orbit and opposed rotary axes. Also hard-to-reach areas – such as undercuts and divergences – can be milled without difficulty. Conceived as a stand-alone solution, it is possible to start milling and calibration processes as well as load elaboration tools directly from the machine, via the integrated PC with touchscreen. The machine is provided with two spaciously designed, optimally illuminated and easily accessible milling chambers which gives the user the freedom to mill dry and wet restorations in series without in-between cleaning. The left chamber is equipped with the extra-large Teleskoper Orbit (ø 125 mm), whereas the right with a ø 95 mm orbit. The separate and contamination-protected tool chamber with tool magazine (x21) and automatic tool changer function, also offers space for up to two additional tool magazines with 21 slots each. In this way, the milling unit allows up to 63 milling burs to be tidily and safely stored. Moreover, the optical detection tool guarantees a secure tool selection, resulting in greater safety and precision. Finally, the automatic self-cleaning and dry function and the Cleaning Kit with shower and suction system always ensure a clean, ready-to-use milling chamber.

Thanks to the M2/M2 Dual upgrade kit, the M2 Dual Teleskoper milling unit can be also upgraded to the M2 Dual Double Teleskoper milling unit by integrating an additional Teleskoper Orbit.

The highlight in terms of flexibility is the extra-large Teleskoper Orbit, a new extra-large orbit with a diameter of 125 mm. In combination with special interchangeable holders, material blanks with a diameter of 95, 98, 106 or even 125 mm can be processed in the same orbit. Oversized bridges, which would not fit in normal blanks, can be now easily positioned and milled. In just one milling process, bite splint production also doubles and a much larger number of crowns can be manufactured. With the new Teleskoper Orbit, by means of special holders, up to 9 glass ceramics blanks or 6 Raw-Abutments® blanks or 7 small zirconia blanks (size 1) for producing single crowns in different colours can now be milled in just one process. Moreover, blanks can be removed from the orbit and reinserted later at the same position with high precision in themicron range. This is particularly helpful for adjusting the friction of telescopic jobs or for the two-stage production of immediate restorations in case of implant-supported prostheses (with the Double Milling technique).




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