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31 Jul 2018 | Australasian Dental Practice

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GSK launches Sensodyne Rapid Relief

GSK Consumer Healthcare, the manufacturer of leading sensitivity oral care brand Sensodyne, recently announced the launch of new Sensodyne Rapid Relief - a unique anhydrous formulation that works rapidly to form a barrier over exposed dentine and reduce sensitivity at 60 seconds.2 The new formulation builds ongoing protection with every brush, supporting the long-term management of dentine hypersensitivity,3 a painful, chronic condition affecting as many as one in two people.4

When the microscopic tubules in the dentine become exposed through gum recession or enamel wear, a narrow passage deep into the tooth is uncovered, where there is an exposed nerve ending. Fluid movement in these tubules caused by cold or hot food and drink stimulate the nerve, creating an instantaneous short, sharp pain. To avoid further pain, people may adopt coping strategies such as failing to brush affected teeth or avoiding hot and cold foods. Some may even avoid dental visits for fear of major dental work, which can lead to further oral complications.4,8,9 In today's fast-paced world, people experiencing sensitivity pain may seek fast relief from their toothpaste.

Key features

  • New Anhydrous Stannous Fluoride toothpaste beats sensitivity pain fast2
  • New unique formulation is clinically proven to provide fast relief from the first brush2 and long-lasting protection from dentine hypersensitivity2

The use of GSK Consumer Healthcare's proprietary anhydrous formulation technology means that individual ingredients contained in the formulation, including stannous fluoride and bio-adhesive polymers, remain stable and ready for activation by water. On contact with saliva in the mouth, the facilitating polymer becomes adhesive and is able to form a gel-like scaffold on the surface of dentine, helping to trap stannous ions which occlude the open ends of the dentine tubules.

In vitro data show that after just one application, stannous ions in new Sensodyne Rapid Relief can extend as much as 80μm deep into the tubules,5 providing rapid occlusion and a 127% reduction in the flow of fluid through the dentine tubules, compared with another stannous fluoride formulation.6 This robust occlusion is resistant to dietary acid challenges, leading to clinically proven fast and long-lasting relief (With twice daily brushing) from the pain of dentine hypersensitivity.8

"Sensodyne Rapid Relief beats sensitivity pain fast by enhancing the adhesiveness of the product on the tooth surface. This helps deliver the stannous fluoride effectively, allowing it to get to work fast," said Dr David Urquhart, R&D Lead, Sensitivity & Acid Erosion.

With the launch of Sensodyne Rapid Relief, GSK Consumer Healthcare aims to help relieve the symptoms of dentine hypersensitivity from the first brush, to break the cycle of pain some people find themselves in and enable long-term protection from dentine hypersensitivity (With twice daily brushing). Through this and its broader Sensodyne portfolio, GSK Consumer Healthcare intends to make dentine hypersensitivity an easily manageable condition over the long-term.

Twice-daily brushing with Sensodyne Rapid Relief has been shown to continue to reduce dentine hypersensitivity over time,3,10 while providing all the benefits expected of a regular toothpaste. Long-term use of sensitivity toothpastes like Sensodyne Rapid Relief have been found to lead to noticeable reductions in the impact of dentine hypersensitivity on everyday life,3 and in turn, a reduction in the "coping strategies" used by people with sensitive teeth.9


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