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13 Sep 2014 | Press Release

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FDI World Dental Federation launches a first of its kind Data Hub for global oral health at the Annual World Dental Congress in New Delhi

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FDI World Dental Federation, the leading international organization representing the dental profession, launched 12 September its 'Data Hub for global oral health', a first of its kind online data-base for oral health and related information. The launch took place at the FDI Annual World Dental Congress inaugurated by the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, co-hosted by FDI and the Indian Dental Association in the national capital region.

The FDI Annual World Dental Congress (AWDC) is being organized in India for the second time after 2004. It provides a platform for knowledge exchange and for strengthening relations between National Dental Associations, people and countries globally. It is expected that over 11,000 international and national experts from the industry will participate in this conference to be held over four days.

Sharing insights on the launch of the Data Hub, Prof Li-Jian Jin, chair of the FDI Oral Health Data Task Team explained, "The FDI Data Hub creates a network for monitoring and sharing global oral health data. It sheds light on the crucial need for growing and enhancing the available network by continuously feeding it up-to-date collected data that aims to make oral health a priority on the global health agenda."

In India, oral health is a critical but overlooked component of overall health and well-being among children and adults. Problems such as dental caries, periodontitis, and oral cancer are some serious concerns that are significantly diminishing the quality of life for people, especially those from low-income groups or uninsured. Periodontal disease affects 90-95% of the population, and dental caries affects 60-80% of children in India. Oral cancer accounts for almost 40% of the total diagnosed cancer cases in India—considered to be one of the highest rates in the world. There is a need to bring down the incidence of oral and dental diseases to less than 40% of existing levels.

"We are very happy to be associated with this initiative, the FDI Data Hub will be of great benefit to the dental industry in India and countries globally. Currently there is a lack of a comprehensive database in the field of oral health, disease and oral care," said Dr. Ashok Dhoble, Honorary Secretary General, Indian Dental Association. "Having access to a reliable source of information that monitors trends and assesses progress of dental health indicators is key to improving oral health outcomes and for implementing national healthcare strategies and plans."

The launch of the FDI Data Hub at the AWDC is a landmark event for the dental global industry. This 'live' evolving online database seeks to fill critical gaps in oral health data, such as statistics and indicators, including regular country-by-country updates, to become the most comprehensive source of all available oral health information.

"The oral care industry needs more reliable data to help raise awareness about oral health and reduce the global burden of oral disease," said Gerard K. Meuchner, Vice President and Chief Global Communications Officer of Henry Schein, Inc., and an industry representative to the Vision 2020 task force. "FDI's Data Hub is a critical step towards filling the gaps and highlighting the long-term benefits of oral healthcare, especially, as the evidence increasingly shows, its contribution to a reduction in overall healthcare costs in the long-term."

The FDI Data Hub has been developed under the umbrella of Vision 2020: FDI's guidelines to shaping the future of oral health. It builds on the strengths and successes of the Oral Health Atlas, published in 2009, which is FDI's comprehensive sourcebook for raising awareness of key oral health issues and promoting oral health literacy and advocacy. The Vision 2020 work reflects input from the profession, academia and the dental industry.

Quick facts on the FDI Data Hub

  • The FDI Data Hub is an online database collating oral health data from various international sources – including World Health Organization (WHO), Niigata University, Malmö University, World Bank and Globocan;
  • It will make global oral health data easily accessible in one place to a wide audience including dentists, orthodontists, health professionals, policy makers, media, industry bodies and the general public;
  • It presents maps and tables of available oral health data which can be searched by indicators based on country, geographical region and year. Users can retrieve the oral health data visualized in maps and tables and this information is downloadable;
  • The Data Hub indicates where gaps in data exist and addresses the need to remedy the situation

  • About FDI

    FDI World Dental Federation serves as the principal representative body for over 1 million dentists worldwide. Its membership includes approximately 200 national member associations and specialist groups from well over 130 countries. The FDI Annual World Dental Congress, held every year in different locations around the world, provides a unique opportunity for professionals and all other sectors related to oral healthcare to meet and learn from one another. FDI's vision: 'leading the world to optimal oral health'.

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