EMS brings Swiss Dental Academy workshops to Australia

EMS is bringing the Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) to Sydney, Australia in December 2014 and January and February 2015. Last year alone, SDA conducted more than 600 courses worldwide with the programme presented in more than 19 countries by a team of 50 specialised trainers.

The Sydney programs - entitled Modern Prophylaxis Techniques for your practice: Maintenance and prevention of periodontal and implant disease - are being presented at Sydney Dental Hospital by A/Prof. Axel Spahr, Head of Periodontics at the Hospital and Head of the Discipline of Periodontics at the University of Sydney.

Professional periodontal disease management has become an integral part of modern clinical practice today and this is one of the reasons for SDA’s success story.

Swiss Dental Academy assists the practice to achieve enhanced productivity and profitability. A specific training program in prophylaxis provides beginners and experienced staff with what they are looking for. Experience shows that learning is more productive when it includes hands-on training. SDA training offers both theoretical and practical instruction. The Academy’s courses are tailored to local needs and include easy-to-understand clinical concepts, useful tips and hands-on workshops with latest-generation Piezon® and AIR-FLOW® devices.

The training programs offered by Swiss Dental Academy are designed for all dental professionals (dentists, dental hygienists, dental therapists and assistants). With prophylaxis becoming increasingly significant in the daily activities of every practice, Swiss Dental Academy is poised to continue its global success story in Australia.

The Australian programme combines a morning lecture with a hands-on workshop beginning at 11am completing the day. Participation in the latter is optional and places are limited.

Lecture program

The morning lecture explains the most modern, gentle and cost-effective techniques available for periodontal and implant maintenance.

A key focus is how to make periodontal treatments more effective and more enjoyable for both you and your dental practice. Topics include:

Periodontal Disease

  • Understanding biofilm;
  • Role of professional biofilm management; and
  • Insights on ultrasonic and air-polishing technologies for biofilm removal.

  • Implant Disease

    • Applying these principles to implants;
    • How to best care for implants; and
    • Prevention and treatment of peri-implant mucositis.

    Hands-on Workshop

    The afternoon workshop is a platform for clinical experience, learning and sharing. The correct techniques with both ultrasonic and air polishing devices will be demonstrated and trained, first on simulation models and then clinically on patients. Dental professionals will learn to maximize efficiency and patient comfort including how to:

    • Correctly apply ultrasonic instrumentation;
    • Correctly utilise supra-gingival air polishing devices;
    • Correctly utilise sub-gingival air polishing devices;
    • Correctly utilise deep pocket sub-gingival air polishing devices; and
    • Decide which, when and where to utilise each prophylaxis powder.

    The goal of the Swiss Prophylaxis Program is to give clinicians a complete education on how to use products effectively, have a better understanding in modern techniques of periodontal disease management and improvement in patient experience. This is a learning and sharing experience. The training is performed by dental professionals that are experts in prophylaxis treatments and managed by EMS subsidiaries and partners worldwide.