EMS adds depth markings to EMS PERIO­FLOW nozzles

EMS has now added pocket depth markings to all its EMS PERIO­FLOW nozzles. The easily visible depth markings are set at 3mm, 5mm and 7mm, with an additional indication at 10mm.

The depth in which practitioners are working is now no longer a question of feeling, but a matter of visible fact! The upper marking of the black square limits deeper insertion of the PERIO-FLOW Nozzle. While using the nozzle in the periodontal pocket with overlapping vertical movement, the 3mm mark helps the practitioner to remain in the pocket at any given point in time. The specially designed disposable PERIO-FLOW nozzle delivers a mix of fine subgingival powder, water and reduced air-pressure directly into the pocket. The optimally gentle kinetic energy removes biofilm in just 5 seconds per site - scientifically and clinically proven if used as per the recommendation. The PERIO-FLOW nozzle features 3 horizontal outlets for the mix of air and powder and 1 vertical outlet for water. For reasons of comfort and hygiene, EMS has chosen a soft and flexible plastic material for single-patient use. The patented PERIO­FLOW nozzle is equally safe on implants. The unique AIR-FLOW Powder PLUS has been specially developed for subgingival use. Erythritol-based, with an average grain size of 13 μm, this powder is scientifically proven to be perfectly safe, efficient and comfortable for the patient.