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DEXIS showcases new look intraoral scanner range

Less than a year after Envista purchased the highly successful intraoral scanner business of Carestream Dental, the popular CS 3600, CS 3700 and CS 3800 models have been relaunched and rebranded as the DEXIS IS 3600, IS 3700 and IS 3800W complete with an ergonomic design courtesy of Studio F. A. Porsche.

The centrepiece of the DEXIS digital dentistry universe, which includes CBCT, panoramic and intraoral x-ray units, navigated surgical solutions and software for digital dentistry, the trio of intraoral scanners offer dentists a generational choice of models to suit their clinical expectations as well as budgetary limitations.

With digital impression taking using intraoral scanners now well and truly eclipsing traditional methods in terms of accuracy, predictability, repeatability and cost-effectiveness, DEXIS is investing heavily in the newly acquired range as the uptake by clinicians grows exponentially.

The DEXIS range of intraoral scanners offer clinicians digital impressioning solutions for orthodontics, crown and bridge, implants and other applications whether for a single chair practice or a multi-chair or multi-location operation.

The three scanners represent second, third and fourth generation incarnations, with the IS 3700 and IS 3800W building on the solid foundation of the IS 3600 with its highly accurate, continuous HD colour scanning.

DEXIS IS 3600 - A smart way to scan

The entry level IS 3600 offers intuitive and accurate scanning and gives dentists the power to create vibrant, full HD 3D images to achieve outstanding clinical results. The IS 3600 scans in a continuous and uninterrupted pattern making dual arch and quadrant imaging fast and easy.

DEXIS IS 3700 - Precision accelerated

The IS 3700 incorporates patented Smart-shade matching that provides automatic selection and recording of shade information. Turbo speed scanning is proven to scan single arches in vitro in 30 seconds, faster and with better accuracy than the IS 3600 and revolutionary workflows let users navigate freely among different clinical applications, including restorative, orthodontics, implants and sleep devices.

An ergonomically optimal grip channel empowers clinicians with a balanced sense of scanner control and the optional wrist strap connects users to the device for optimal control and care of the scanner.

Touchscreen capability eliminates the extra steps of operation caused by switching back and forth between the scanner and the mouse.

DEXIS IS 3800W - Freedom at your fingertips

The flagship IS 3800W offers clinicians the freedom of wireless operation for optimal mobility and maximum flexibility. Dedicated point-to-point WiFi access ensures robust and stable transmission for a continuous and efficient scanning procedure. At 240 grams, the IS 3800W is one of the lightest and most compact intraoral scanners on the market and ergonomics are maximised following the Studio F. A. Porsche design.

With a proven scanning time of 25 seconds for a single arch, the IS 3800W's capture speed frees up more time for focusing on patients and the enlarged 16 mm x 14 mm field-of-view and significantly broader 21 mm depth of field captures the details you need - even in interproximal areas and subgingival margins.

The handpiece features an embedded sensor that lets you orient the digital model on screen by simply rotating the scanner, eliminating the need to use the mouse. Simply move your hand and the model follows its movement so you can stay focused on your patient.

Three styles of interchangeable autoclavable tips are provided to optimise scanning comfort.

Active Triangulation combined with Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF)

Unlike many intraoral scanners on the market, the DEXIS IS 3700 and IS 3800W build a more detailed 2D angular distribution of colour, which includes a more accurate and complete characterisation of the tooth colour properties, leading to more accurate and reliable shade-matching results.

Using an active triangulation method, the IS 3700 and IS 3800W both utilise a pattern of structured light (lines or bars) to project onto the tooth surface as illumination. The object distorts the pattern of light due to its surface shape and the IS 3700 and IS 3800W image processing and triangulation algorithms work in concert to utilise the altered light pattern to determine the shape and structure of the 3D object.

In addition to active triangulation, the IS 3700 and IS 3800W both utilise BRDF, or Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function, to collect shade values from 3D surfaces factoring in variations in lighting conditions.

Unlike systems that capture the RGB value from a stored mesh, the IS 3700 and IS 3800W measure the true material properties of the tooth without the influence of the scanner, resulting in more accurate colour measurement.

And thanks to triangulation, there is no strict orientation requirement - the scanner can capture the tooth shade as the scanner orientation changes. An additional benefit of triangulation and BRDF also is greater colour dimension.

Cutting edge software

IS ScanFlow, available to all DEXIS customers, makes intraoral scanning easy and accessible–even for those with very little experience. IS ScanFlow software allows for fast and easy acquisition of accurate, precise digital impressions.

Unlike some competitive systems that force you to select a specific workflow or application, IS ScanFlow provides practitioners with unlimited workflow capacity, smooth scanning even for edentulous situations, expanded processing options, one-click export, touchscreen and video capabilities. IS ScanFlow Premium is an additional option providing an expanded feature-set for advanced intraoral scanner users with more specific needs.

IS ScanFlow is available standalone; integrated with Carestream Dental™ CS Imaging v8 and will also be integrated with Dexis DTX Studio™ Clinic.

Simply mobile

DEXIS IS Voyager and DEXIS IS All-in-One Computer provide a mobile configuration for the DEXIS IS intraoral scanning portfolio. With an exclusive and sleek design, DEXIS IS Voyager gives the user freedom to move the intraoral scanner, the connected PC and the consumables required to perform a digital impression easily from one chair to another within the practice.

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