Dentevents.TV to be launched as new learning hub

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, Dentevents is launching Dentevents.TV, a new website in support of the accelerated uptake of webinar and online learning programs by dental professionals.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has effectively shut down face-to-face dental education globally," said Joseph Allbeury, Publisher of Dentevents as well as Australasian Dental Practice. "At the same time of course, it's also shut down the majority of dental practices. So while clinicians have more time to undertake education, education is suddenly in short supply.

"Fortunately, many education providers are endeavouring to fill some of this void with online education and webinar programs, as are we. So like our well-known website, Dentevents.TV will promote content and online events organised by Dentevents... and also act as a hub for third parties to both promote and deliver their webinars and online learning. In doing so, we will again give dental professionals a single website to visit that caters to all of their needs by providing access to all available content, regardless of the source.

"In addition, Dentevents.TV integrates into the same booking engine as When you login to Dentevents.TV and watch a prerecorded educational video or participate in a LIVE streaming event or webinar, a CPD Activity record is automatically created. Using their free login to the existing, dental professionals can then see all of the education they have completed, whether that be a face-to-face event booked through over the past 5+ years, a webinar viewed through Dentevents.TV (with or without completion of a CPD Questionnaire) or details of another event they have attended and manually added to their education log."

Mr Allbeury said that there was still a lot to do to create all the functionality envisioned for Dentevents.TV, however, by the time this article is published, it is hoped to have phase 1 operational.

"Dentevents.TV has proven to be quite complex and we have hired a new developer with specific experience to fast track the project," Mr Allbeury said. "We have needed to understand quickly how to create interfaces into popular teleconferencing, live streaming and webinar platforms on the one hand and then how to both develop content of our own effectively and work with existing content producers on the other to create a comprehensive solution."

Mr Allbeury said that Dentevents.TV has been in the planning stages for some time and was slated for development later in 2020. However, given the current environment, it has jumped to the top of the development queue.

"We've been planning Dentevents.TV for some time, driven by our existing event partners who are looking for infrastructure to support their ongoing online activities. However, we are now focussing all of our online development resources to making this new site fully functional."

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