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31 Mar 2022 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Dentapen: Painless, effortless, cordless dental anaesthesia is back!

Dentapen is back and now available from William Green Pty Ltd. The next generation of electronic syringe took Australia by storm when it was launched in March 2020 but following a global distribution change, became unavailable locally in recent times.

Performing the right injection is the first step toward a pain-free patient experience

Anaesthesia is a first and essential step for most dental procedures. But dentists face a variety of issues when using a traditional syringe such as adhering to the recommended injection time (i.e. 1 millilitre in 1 minute); variations in pressure, which can damage tissue and cause discomfort to the patient; and keeping the quality of injections consistent throughout the day. With the Dentapen, these challenges are greatly reduced.

Dentapen: a new generation of electronic syringe to perform pain-free injections

Like most electronic syringes, the Dentapen injection is monitored with a constant flow, at the right pace. This gives the dentist the opportunity to focus more on needle insertion, leading to better control of the injection and a reduction in pain for the patient. For instance, during a study done on 50 dentists who received a palatal injection, 96% of them preferred injections from an electronic syringe versus a manual syringe and their pain perception was reduced by a factor of two.

What makes the Dentapen different is that it is a self-contained, cordless, intuitive device that matches the dentists' habits. There is no console, no foot pads, no tubing or proprietary disposables. It can be held in two different ways - by the wings, like a manual syringe, or pen-like, for a precise injection during special procedures. And dentists can use ANY local anaesthetic cartridge and their FAVOURITE dental needle. Patients find the small, modern look to be less threatening and more reassuring, helping them to relax.

Made in Switzerland

Dentapen continues to be manufactured by Juvaplus, a company founded by Bernard-Pierre Legrand in 2011. Specialising in the design and production of compact and wireless motorised devices, Juvaplus quickly imposed itself as a leading innovative company in the medicine market. Juvaplus develops products that combine research, design and technology at the service of medicine and is based in Fleurier, Switzerland.





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