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01 Jun 2002 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Cordless digital X-ray latest development

Digital Imaging

German-based Newtech, a leading provider of intraoral imaging technology, has released the world's first cordless digital X-ray system.

The FlexiRay Wireless and FlexiRay Connect use the same CCD sensor technology with a resolution of over 1.6 million pixels with a line resolution of 23.8 LP/mm. This high resolution now enables dentists to work without compromise and achieve a quality of image required for reliable diagnostics comparable with conventional analogue films.

The outer form size of the sensor has also been reduced while increasing the active area through the implementation of micro electronics. The FlexiRay sensor is only 4.5mm thick and is smaller than a standard universal sensor while sporting approximately a 20% larger active area. Due to this extremely large active area, only one sensor is now required for most applications saving thousands of dollars on the purchase price of a second sensor.

The FlexiRay Wireless system operates in conjunction with a docking station and provides cordless freedom in the surgery. The docking station is plug and play compatible and is connected to a centrally located PC on the practice network through a USB interface. The software can be operated on any PC connected to the network with images then available at any workstation.

To take an X-ray, the sensor is simply removed from the docking station and taken to any room in the practice fitted with an X-ray. It is then located in the patients mouth using the positioning aids provided. The exposure is taken in the conventional manner with a greatly reduced radiation level using the existing gun. The exposed sensor is then replaced in the station and the image appears immediately on the PC screen in the surgery.

The FlexiRay Connect system operates in a conventional manner with a permanent three metre cable connection from the sensor to a USB Interface box. This direct connection enables Xray sequences to be taken without interruption. All the advantages of the sensor technology are of course still present providing clear high resolution images at the chair side along with all the enhancement and magnification tools provided by the software. The sensor is also hot swap compliant and can be removed from the interface box at any time and carried between rooms if additional USB boxes have been installed.

Both the FlexiRay Wireless and Connect systems are operated through the FlexiVision XRV software programme. FlexiVision XRV is an open platform software which accepts inputs from all digital sources in the practice including any digital X-ray sensors, digital OPGs, scanners, digital cameras, intra oral cameras and other devices. This open platform architecture now provides a central software program for all the devices used in modern surgeries without the need of running separate programs for each device. FlexiVision XRV also interfaces with most practice management software programs for a seamless integration onto the surgery computer network.

The easy to use Light Box interface of FlexiVision XRV provides the operator with an uninterrupted view of both X-ray and video images on the one screen. The images can be grouped and manipulated on the light box screen as required. The advantage: only the images on the screen are changed while the original remains saved on the hard drive in mint condition. The modified and grouped images can then be saved under a new name at any time if required and are easy to retrieve.

FlexiVision XRV also offers a variety of helpful and important functions for diagnosis and image manipulation. Many of these tools (e.g. caries detection tool, colorisation tool, etc) were developed specifically for FlexiVision XRV by the well known Swedish professor and X-ray expert, Dr Welander. Difficult to detect grey scales can be reliably diagnosed using the histogram stretch function. Undetectable differences can be coloured with a simple mouse click thereby assisting with a reliable diagnosis in a matter of seconds. The caries detection tool also provides a clear and reliable diagnosis. The integrated grey scale correction tool provides a clear view of procedures giving information such as thickness and density where required. FlexiVision XRV also allows length and angle measurements to be made in seconds.

Images can of course be rotated, mirrored or zoomed if necessary with other adjustments made on the fly such as brightness and contrast. An open platform for image transfer and slide function presentations is available in the software through a user friendly interface which includes Import and Export capabilities. File formats supported are : JPG, TIF, PCX, PMG, BMP, CMP.

For information on the FlexiRay Digital Xray products, visit the INLINE Systems web site at www.inline.com.au or contact INLINE Systems directly on (02) 9999-2696. The complete range of FlexiRay Digital Xray Systems is also compatible with the Intra-Oral Cameras and Display Solutions from INLINE Systems providing a complete Multimedia solution for any practice.

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