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12 Oct 2023 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Connect to “what’s next” with A-dec Pro!

By David Petrikas

A-dec has launched its breakthrough new "A-dec Pro" delivery system amid excitement from A-dec equipment dealers and the dental buying public.

The new A-dec 500 Pro and A-dec 300 Pro delivery systems were publicly released in Australia to coincide with the FDI World Dental Congress (FDIWDC23) at the International Convention Centre in Sydney, from 24-27 September 2023. It was the first time the A-dec Pro system had been seen outside the US home market.

The new generation A-dec Pro delivery systems - built to fit on the proven latest generation A-dec 500 and A-dec 300 patient chairs - are now being rolled out through A-dec dealers across the country.

A-dec Pro heralds the new area of "Connectivity" in delivery systems, bringing touchscreen technology and intelligent control on an all-new software-based platform.

This brings the latest technology right into the dental surgery, supporting both the operator and the entire dental team in caring for patients, now and in the future.

The "tablet" style A-dec Pro touchscreen is immediately intuitive to use, providing easy to navigate controls with visual diagrams and icons allowing users to interact with their equipment in a way they're used to with connected devices - just like using a "smartphone".

Everything is at the user's fingertips from controlling all chair, handpiece and ancillary equipment functions to looking up maintenance schedules chairside.

A-dec Pro is seen as the launching pad of future options and upgrades and already incorporates useful day-to-day features like the time of day, a timer function (for administering local anaesthetic), alarms and even buzzers to help manage procedures and communicate with the wider dental team.

The A-dec 500 Pro's new, larger 7" moveable screen (with both side-to-side and tilt adjustment) has a wide viewing angle of almost 180 degrees, enabling it to be positioned at the perfect angle for both the dentist and assistants to see and access. A new larger, assistant's touchpad also provides improved, intuitive control of chair and light functions.

The "home screen" shows a graphic of the chair position as a visual reference, making it straightforward to position the chair to its intended position at the touch of the screen icon – recline, rinse, or entry/exit (also with built-in auto "light on" and "off" functionality).

Swipe the screen and a new page of menu options is displayed to further explore chair configurations and individual settings for control and customisation as required.

Pick up a handpiece or scaler and the settings and adjustments are automatically displayed - and can be programmed to display either motor speed - or bur speed, for precise control. This feature is especially useful when using speed-increasing or speed-reducing handpieces.

When using an Acteon Satelec scaler, the colour coded tip intensity is automatically displayed on the screen, giving added visual support to the operator. The new delivery system can also be configured to accommodate other popular scaler models.

Another highly useful feature is the "vaporiser" function which provides a blast of air to remove droplets from the turbine handpiece as it stops. This prevents contaminants entering the head of the turbine and also avoids droplets falling on the patient when the handpiece is removed from the mouth.

The entire system can be linked to the new "A-dec+" app which enables all equipment to communicate via ethernet for stable, fast and reliable connectivity. It can also connect to the app wirelessly.

The system allows the user to see system analytics like software version number and equipment diagnostics, enabling the operator to customise and control the chair and attached equipment directly via the chair touchpad. It will also allow remote diagnostics of equipment in the future to aid chair servicing and maintenance.

Once configured, the A-dec Pro system "knows" what equipment is attached to the delivery system and instantly recognises a handpiece or scaler as soon as it is picked up, allowing seamless control without the need for the user to manually enter the settings.

Memory functions for up to three operators can set chair heights and instrument settings tailored to each user's preferences for all prophylactic and restorative work, including control of electric motors and endodontic handpieces to be done via the touchpad.

Despite the advanced electronics, the time proven reliability of the A-dec delivery system has been maintained and actually improved. The capacitive touch screens have been designed for a 20+ year life and have no moving parts, unlike membrane or button style controllers.

The touch-activated inbuilt capacitive switch unlocks the delivery arm when you grip the handle and automatically locks the delivery head securely in position without drifting when released.

The more compact A-dec 300 delivery system features a new 5" colour screen touchpad and a completely redesigned continental delivery arm option for superior flexibility, ergonomics and focus, allowing handpieces to be retrieved and replaced on the delivery head without taking your eyes off the patient.

The new generation A-dec Pro delivery systems - built to fit on the proven latest generation A-dec 500 and A-dec 300 patient chairs - are now being rolled out through A-dec dealers across the country. Contact your local A-dec dealer to explore this exciting new leap into the future with A-dec Pro 500 an A-dec Pro 300 delivery systems.


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