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31 Jan 2015 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Compact and affordable imaging

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The fully-featured compact Mediascan Phosphor Plate Digital X-ray Scanner with "Push and Go" functionality from Centaur Software rapidly and affordably delivers high-quality digital images for busy dental practices. It optimises chairside time with patients and improves the productivity of your practice.

Experience the benefits of high quality digital imaging with the familiar workflow and accessories that are equivalent to film, allowing seamless integration into your practice.

With its small footprint, the scanner fits seamlessly into even the most space-challenged dental practices.

Coupled with the advanced Mediasuitesql digital imaging software, Mediascan delivers uncompromising image quality at an affordable price. Features include:

  • Optimised practice workflow;
  • No cables to work around;
  • Built-in erase function;
  • Thin, flexible imaging plates (sizes 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4c);
  • Software optimises acquisition, processing and management;
  • User-friendly LCD touch screen interface with Image preview;
  • Imaging plates offer 100% active area;
  • Rapid, high-quality reading of reusable plates; and
  • Supports both Ethernet and USB connections.

Elegant design and streamlined operation

Mediascan combines an elegant design with a powerful yet easy to use system. The automated, magnetised feeding tray offers push and go functionality, making it simple to operate for busy providers. The scanner uses a full range of reusable bitewing and intraoral imaging plates that are easier and faster to position than intraoral digital sensors. Importantly, a true size 4c (48 x 54mm) imaging plate is available, so providers don't have to use software stitching to combine images from two size 3 plates - a cumbersome and inefficient process.

Unmatched flexibility to help your practice grow

Whether you're looking for a central scanner that can distribute images throughout your practice, or an affordable exam-room based solution, the next-generation Mediascan Phosphor Plate Digital X-ray Scanner is the natural choice for practices looking for a full featured system that delivers high quality digital images - along with the flexibility that helps them grow.

Unique LCD colour touch screen interface

The Mediascan Phosphor Plate Digital X-ray Scanner features a unique colour LCD touch screen panel for seamless device operation. With no physical push buttons on the unit and an intuitive user interface, entering operator instructions has never been easier. The LCD screen provides device activity status and includes a sleep mode. It also presents a preview of the image, allowing providers to check the image and a settings menu to customise scanning resolution (high or standard), auto sleep timing, auto start and network settings.

Optional Mediascan RFID Reader

The advanced technology of the Mediascan RFID Reader provides quick and accurate registration of data relevant to each individual patient. By pre-registering the unique tag code of the imaging plate on the RFID Reader, key data is automatically matched to the correct patient file, including the scanned image, imaging plate size and the serial number of the imaging plate. The small, compact Mediascan RFID Reader is designed with ease of use in mind. Simply register each imaging plate before use, pairing it up with a patient and the correct image will show up in the correct patient file on the correct PC - every time. A great asset for medium to large sized clinics.

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