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Ceramill Sintron® - stronger than ever

The Ceramill Sintron sintering metal (CoCr) allows the in-house laboratory fabrication of CNC-based non-precious metal restorations.

Due to the wax-like texture of the Ceramill Sintron blanks, they can easily be dry milled on desktop machines. Since the market launch in 2012, more than three million units have been manufactured in over 2,000 laboratories worldwide. According to the data available from over five years of market surveillance, Ceramill Sintron has proven itself to be an established and extremely safe material. Developed together with the Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden and validated by independent universities and accredited test laboratories, the material and the matched workflow assure maximum safety for the user and the patient.

The Ceramill Argotherm high-temperature furnace, which was specifically designed for this material, has been meticulously matched to the material properties and ensures unprecedented quality, accuracy of fit, homogeneity and reproducibility. The continuous further development of the software and hardware components guarantees an efficient workflow and enables a virtually unlimited variety of indications. Recently, the removable Ceramill Argovent 2 sintering compartment was further optimized and now offers space for approx. 40 units with its 25 percent increase in capacity. Even large-span bridges can now be sintered without any problems. Owing to improved thermal conductivity, the heat required now penetrates faster to the sintering material and results in a shortened sintering process.




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