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01 Dec 2004 | Australasian Dental Practice

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CDA program expands in 2005


Cosmetic Dentists of Australia (CDA) has used the lessons of 2004 to plan a reinvigorated campaign for 2005 to market cosmetic dentistry to the public.

Since its inception in February this year, CDA has embarked on the single largest dental marketing campaign Australia has so far seen with television and consumer magazine advertising en masse. Now fully operational in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales, the CDA brand is becoming synonymous with providing high quality cosmetic dental solutions to the population at large.

According to CDA founder, Mr Carl Burroughs: "The 2004 campaign has created a solid foundation for CDA to grow to achieve brand recognition in every home in Australia. It's been a great year for us. We started to grow the brand from no more than an intention in February to a group that has now helped over 3,000 patients and has significantly increased many of its members' turnover.

"It hasn't all been roses, however. We've had our failures as well as our successes. Some of our advertising has not hit the mark and some of our internal systems that ensure quality patients are delivered to our members are currently being reviewed. We have learnt a lot this year about what appeals to different sectors of the community and the response from the different mediums we have used.

"The one thing we have proven without a shadow of a doubt is the high community demand for dental services that are perceived to be cosmetic. Our advertising shows that all sectors of the community want to have a beautiful smile. In stark contrast to cosmetic surgical procedures, people wanting cosmetic dentistry do not have the same hang-ups regarding self worth and whether procedures are promoting a selfish and egotistical complex. People are responding to CDA advertising for beautiful, functional smiles and believe they are worth it."

Mr Burroughs said that CDA will build on the lessons of 2004 to launch an even bigger campaign commencing in February 2005 that broadens the reach of the media campaign and targets new demographics.

"It is certainly true to say that our 2004 campaign had a primarily female skew," Mr Burroughs said, "with adverts appearing in 11 of the top glossy magazines and our most recent TV commercial featuring former Miss World, Belinda Green. The 2005 campaign, whilst not moving away from the baby boomer female demographic that has proven so successful in 2004, will also target the male community more.

"Other mediums will also be introduced and the members will be supported by local advertising campaigns and public relations activities. In addition to our national campaign, we have completed trials of smaller, local campaigns throughout 2004. We have used these campaigns for market research to see the response and then open the successful campaigns to the whole group.

"One of these campaigns recently proved that by adding the CDA logo and style of advertising to a local campaign, it dramatically increased the response of the advertisements over the same sized adverts without the CDA branding.

"The other major change in 2005 will be the launch of CDA professional seminars. Six seminars will be held throughout the year, bringing to the fore the latest in dental advancements from around the world. Each course will consist of a two-day program with both local and international speakers, covering all aspects of modern dentistry from the latest clinical procedures to practice presentations and management. One of the most important aspects of the training will be how to maximise the use of the CDA brand and case presentation and conversion.

"CDA seminars will not subscribe to a single philosophy but be a truly independent forum for members and potential members to hear the many different and emerging views from around the world. Applying ourselves to a single view point is limiting, is not representative of a truly dynamic profession and in my opinion, does not deliver the best results for the patient. By presenting such a diverse range of view points throughout the year, our members and potential members will be exposed to the latest philosophies and will be free to make up their own minds as to what works for them and their practice.

"This open-minded approach to continuing education within the profession is what defines Australian dentistry, providing patients with the latest information, high levels of care and a balanced view."

Mr Burroughs said that another big change for 2005 will be that CDA will introduce new financial options, making it easier for more members to join and providing even better value for money for existing members.

"In short, CDA 2005 will be all about continuing to raise brand awareness, drive qualified cosmetically-focused patients into the practices of our members, provide CDA members with a series of continuing education programs and to continue to test and prove national and local marketing strategies."


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