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31 Mar 2016 | Australasian Dental Practice

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BioHorizons merges local operations with Henry Schein Halas

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Leading dental implant and regenerative materials company, BioHorizons, has merged its local operations into the offices of Henry Schein Halas in the Sydney suburb of Waterloo. Henry Schein acquired a 60% stake in BioHorizons globally in 2014 and is slated to complete full ownership by December 2016.

"Relocating our sales, administration, regulatory affairs and distribution into Henry Schein Halas give us many benefits," said BioHorizons' General Manager, Andrew Holmes. "First and foremost, it allows myself and my team to spend more time meeting the needs of customers and less time managing the supporting infrastructure.

"Our entire sales and customer service team has moved across to Henry Schein Halas and as of the first of the year, warehousing and distribution, accounting, human resources and a range of other administrative functions have been merged into the relevant departments at Henry Schein Halas.

"Whereas it has been a very busy time integrating with our new parent company, we've already been introduced to many clinicians who are existing customers of Henry Schein Halas but were unaware of our implant and regenerative product range."

BioHorizons was founded through research conducted at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 1994 by Carl E. Misch, DDS, Martha Bidez, PhD and Todd Strong (COO of BioHorizons). With an extensive background in biomedical engineering, Steve Boggan joined BioHorizons in 1995 and accepted the CEO position four years later. With a strong executive team and a commitment to science, innovation and service, BioHorizons has become a leader in the dental implant community.

Dental implant products

Over the years, BioHorizons has introduced dental implant products covering virtually every surgical and prosthetic indication or clinician preference:

  • The Maestro™ implant system (now the External) was introduced in 1997;
  • The One-piece 3.0 came out in 2003, followed by the Internal dental implant in 2004. Both systems provide greater surface area than conventional implants;
  • The Tapered Internal system, launched in 2007, provides excellent primary stability, maximum bone maintenance and soft tissue attachment;
  • Designed specifically for limited spaces in the aesthetic zone, the Laser-Lok® 3.0 two-piece implant was introduced in 2010, providing restorative flexibility in narrow spaces; and
  • The Tapered Internal Plus was designed with a bevelled-collar for increased bone and soft tissue attachment and the benefits of platform switching.

BioHorizons values high quality standards and develops innovative products based on in-depth scientific research. This commitment is exemplified by the introduction of Laser-Lok microchannels in 2007. The proprietary Laser-Lok surface is now exclusively offered on BioHorizons implants and abutments.

Regenerative products

In 2000, BioHorizons added AlloDerm®* Regenerative Tissue Matrix (RTM) and Grafton®* Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) to its product portfolio. In 2004, MinerOss®, a mixture of allograft mineralised cortical and cancellous chips, was added to address a wide range of dental bone grafting applications.

"BioHorizons has a comprehensive range of dental implants, prosthetics and regenerative solutions and we're looking forward to increasing the number of clinicians using our solutions," Mr Holmes said. "AlloDerm and MinerOss regenerative products, in particular, are unique and have a strong following already. We look forward to meeting with any clinician who would like more information on our products or how BioHorizons and Henry Schein Halas can assist them with their needs."

* AlloDerm and MinerOss are only available in Australia through the TGA's Special Access Scheme. Grafton is unavailable.




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