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31 Mar 2023 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Australian companies return in force to exhibit local innovations at IDS 2023

By Joseph Allbeury

IDS 2023 in Cologne, Germany in March was a resounding success with a return to exhibitor and visitor numbers approaching the last pre-COVID show in 2019. Amongst the 1788 exhibitors, Australia was again well-represented with seven companies showcasing their products on the world stage.

Well-established global businesses like SDI Limited, Myofunctional Research Co and ASIGA were joined by return exhibitor Ozdent with endodontic products Ledermix and Calmix, as well as newcomers Blenderfordental with CAD software, Partmaker with CAM services and Biominiatures with a range of miniature implants.

Global sensation, Sydney-based 3D printer manufacturer Asiga has been a fixture at IDS for many years and again returned to Cologne to launch an exciting new development.

"IDS2023 was once again incredibly busy at the Asiga booth and there was a palpable buzz around our new UltraGLOSS™ 3D printing technique," said Asiga's Global Operations Manager, Graham Turner. "UltraGLOSS allows Asiga customers to 3D print parts with a polished surface finish direct from the printer. No more manual polishing. UltraGLOSS saves production time, removes the risk of accidental adjustment due to over-polishing and produces true-to-CAD patient fit. This is a revolutionary development and compatible with all our MAX and PRO 4K systems."

Asiga also showed its full range of market leading MAX, MAX X, PRO 4K and PRO 4K XL 3D printers and TGA listed materials for 3D printing that are designed, developed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia with 95% exported globally. Asiga printers are used extensively in dentistry, jewellery and industry.

Australia's oldest and most-successful dental products manufacturer, SDI Limited, which has its European headquarters in Cologne, again celebrated its 50th year in style with a cocktail reception at the elegant Excelsior Hotel. A number of new products were launched to its global distribution network at the event that were heralded as genuine innovation.

"SDI had a very successful IDS," reported CEO Samantha Cheetham. "Seeing dentists and key distributors from all over the world, many for the first time since the pandemic, was one highlight. SDI sells products to over 100 countries on all continents so IDS is an ideal way to showcase SDI, our Australian research, Australia product development and Australian manufacturing.

"The launch of two key products, Riva Cem Automix, a resin modified glass ionomer cement and Stela, a bulk fill self-cure flowable composite, both of which were well received, was the other highlight. We developed Stela in conjunction with researchers at the universities of Sydney, NSW and Woollongong as an innovative high performance self-cure composite which can be used for Class I, II, III, V, core build ups, base or liner and sealing endodontic cavities where light cannot access. Stela only has two steps: prime and place restoration. It has unlimited depth of cure and extremely high bond and compressive strength.

"Riva Cem Automix is a resin modified glass ionomer cement for crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, orthodontic appliances and posts. It contains SDI's Ionglass™ technology, with sustained fluoride release and BPA free and the high flexural strength and superior bond strength ensure it has the best long term aesthetics for most cement requirements."

Myofunctional Research Co released its new breathing and myofunctional integration techniques for orthodontics, TMJ and sleep disorders.

"The growing demand for aligner and early intervention orthodontics, integrated airway and TMJ treatment, myofunctional therapy and dental sleep medicine is reaching unprecedented levels in 2023 and a modern solution is needed for practitioners looking to expand their scope of practice," said Founder and CEO Dr Chris Farrell.

"Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) has been committed to producing revolutionary treatment systems for more than three decades and we proudly unveiled our latest developments at IDS."

The showcase included MRC's new TLJ for Braces (TLJB) appliance designed to strengthen and tone the tongue, lip, jaw and throat muscles while using braces, an expanded Myobrace® Class III appliance group with three stages for the permanent dentition, a new two-stage appliance group for paediatric patients (Myosa® for Kids) aimed at establishing a functional airway for nasal breathing and correct myofunctional habits as well as the new Myosa Consultation and Activities programs.

"I was impressed with the level of interest and engagement shown by attendees," Dr Farrell said. "We found that delegates at IDS were very interested in our new developments and we were eager to share our latest technologies and enhancements with them.

"Our innovative treatment systems continue to cater for the growing demands of practitioners around the global and empower healthcare professionals to find simple and effective solutions for implementing these techniques into their clinics." 88

Furthermore, MRC added a new advanced course to its online learning platform that focuses on the treatment of TMJ and breathing disorders using the Myosa® TMJBDS® appliance protocol. Practitioners are encouraged to visit myoresearch.com to learn about implementing MRC's wide variety of treatment systems in little to no time.

Dr Chris Hart from Melbourne-based manufacturing centre Partmaker exhibited at IDS for the first time.

"Arriving in Koln to the Australasian Dental Practice party - a sausage-and-beer-fest - was a wonderful way to warm up for what would be a long week," Dr Hart said. "Whilst our stand would have won a few awards - Fastest Bump in, Most Hidden, Lowest Eco emissions and most efficient use of floor space - we enjoyed a really great range of visitors to our stand.

"From a few friendly existing customers visiting for some socialising and support, to the international guests who thought they had just found the hidden gem of IDS 2023, we think we saw it all.

"Most of the interest in our products was to do with the small batch production of parts that some dental labs had identified as missing from the catalogues of the primary suppliers. Our flagship product, our screwdriver set, was received as an interesting promotional product for medium sized labs, primarily in Eastern Europe and even the Middle East where the implant markets are still early in development and product ranges are limited.

"One of the amazing opportunities in sneaking in a few field trips around the halls was to network with some of our suppliers and even our own customers, to see where the market is trending in digital dentistry. There are some interesting new materials coming out in the 3D printer area, while there were quite a few software companies addressing the bridge between printing and milling.

"There seemed to be less happening in the world of scanning, but a few new players in the CAD design market, including Australia's Blenderfordental. The digital CAD software options are certainly prepared for integrating new components and workflows which we are expecting in the area of full arch implant prosthetic and surgical design. We estimated that out of the 120,000 attendees, around 5,000 passed our stand, with 80 to 100 taking time to stop and explore PartMaker's solutions. With the skeleton crew of three and coffee, snack and toilet breaks allowed for, we really did work hard most days."

Sydney-based BioMiniatures Pty Ltd proudly exhibited its ground-breaking Miniature Implant system at IDS. The company's stand created a buzz among the international implant companies, as Miniature Implant systems stood out as the newest implant development in the market.

"The innovative design and advanced features of our Miniature Implants received widespread acclaim from dental professionals and distributors worldwide," said creator Dr Omid Allan." Our products were well-received, with many expressing awe at the precision and feasibility offered by the unique design of the implants. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of dental implant technology is evident and we earned accolades for this pioneering approach to full and partial arch rehabilitation solutions."

BioMiniatures' participation at IDS 2023 was a significant milestone for the company, showcasing its leadership in the dental implant industry and its dedication to innovation. The event provided a platform for BioMiniatures to engage with professionals and distributors from around the world, generating interest and demand for its unique Miniature Implant system.

As a result of its successful participation at IDS 2023, BioMiniatures Pty Ltd solidified its position as a trusted name in the dental implant market, with its Miniature Implant system gaining recognition as one of the newest and most cutting-edge developments in the field.

"This was our first official international launch at the IDS," Dr Allan said. "It felt very special to have a stand as an Australian company in the biggest and best dental exhibition in the world.


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