ADX20 to finish Saturday 14 March

Responding to current concerns related to the COVID-19 corona virus outbreak, the Australian Dental Industry Association has shortened ADX20 Sydney to two days, with the event concluding on Saturday, 14 March 2020.

The decision to conclude the event a day early followed the Australian Government's request midway through the event that all events with more than 500 participants be cancelled or postponed from Monday, 16 March, 2020.

A statement on the ADX20 website stated:

"The ADIA acknowledges community concerns about COVID-19."

"We have taken all measures outlined by the CMO and Federal Government in relation to large gatherings and have worked with the ICC to implement strong hygiene measures as well as signage and education at out event. We've consulted closely with attendees as the exhibition has progressed."

"We have been following the measures set out at the COAG press conference on late Friday."

"While we are still within those guidelines, we have taken the decision to wind up the event on Saturday and not continue with planned sessions on Sunday."

"We thank you for your understanding as this unprecedented situation continues to evolve."

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