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31 Mar 2014 | Auxiliary

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Advantages of LEDs in dental lighting

By David Petrikas

Product Information

The transition to LED lighting over more traditional quartz-halogen bulb lighting is an increasing trend in the surgery surgery. If you're considering new surgery lighting, research shows there are a number of compelling reasons for selecting the latest LED operatory light in preference to halogen or other lighting systems.

Below are extracts from a comprehensive white paper on LED lighting, which provides an overview of the advantages of this new technology. Following years of research, A-dec has succeeded in producing an award-winning LED operatory light that combines the many advantages of LED lighting with a unique fluid positioning system for superior ergonomics (see Footnote).

1. More light with less power

A key point is that Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are far more efficient at producing light. Technology has advanced to the point where it is possible to get substantially more light, from a lot less power. A typical bulb-style dental light requires approximately 100W to deliver 24,000Lux. By contrast, an LED-based light can deliver 25% more light at just one-fifth of the required power (a 75% energy saving). Further, the trend toward more efficient LEDs will continue into the foreseeable future. While dentists are unlikely to sacrifice light performance simply to reduce energy consumption, dentists will no doubt appreciate the reduced energy expenses as well as the sustainability benefits if they can have the quality light that is now possible with some LEDs.

2. Long life with no bulb replacement

Even the best bulbs have a limited life and will eventually fail - often during a procedure! The result is a recurring cycle of lost productivity and expense. LED light, by contrast, offers the very real potential of operating without failure over the entire life of the product (an estimated 40,000 hours of use or over 20 years). This is especially true when the light is designed with robust thermal management and balanced power regulation. Additionally, light emitting diodes are inherently more robust and resistant to shocks than incandescent bulbs.

3. No radiant heat

LED-based lights do not produce heat, which means there is no "heat lamp effect". This helps prevent the dental team from perspiring while working in gloves, glasses, mask and gown. The result is a more comfortable and productive work environment.

This is particularly significant in larger clinics or institutional settings where many lights are operating in close proximity. The BTUs produced by halogen-style lights can significantly raise room temperature causing discomfort for the entire dental team.

4. Further dental applications

LEDs offer the potential to more effectively support applications such as lighting during application of light-cured composite restorations, deliver more light more efficiently and improve ergonomic positionability.

Footnote: Which light to buy?

The innovative A-dec LED operatory light stands out amongst all competitors and represents a true paradigm shift in surgery lighting - winning a host of international awards. Since its release, the A-dec LED operatory light has been awarded a Silver International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) for Medical & Scientific Products; the international "Red Dot" award for design, the coveted "Editor's Choice" Award from The Dental Advisor and New Product of the Year from the American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD).

Key benefits include the A-dec LED's naturally "daylight balanced" colour temperature so that shades are rendered correctly in the oral cavity as they would under natural outdoor light. The A-dec LED's unique "stadium effect" multi-bulb head and intensity settings of 15,000, 25,000 and 30,000 lux greatly reduces shadowing to help eliminate eye-strain and improve contrast.

The innovative "cure-safe" mode allows illumination to be provided without affecting the setting of cure-set composites, while the unique swivel head and wide range of vertical, horizontal and diagonal pivoting action provides unparalleled ease of positioning.

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