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31 Jul 2017 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Admira Fusion – The first purely ceramic-based restorative material

With Admira Fusion VOCO presents the worldwide first purely ceramic-based universal restorative material. This is made possible by the innovation of combining the proven nanohybrid technology with that of the ORMOCER®s developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC. Having launched Admira, the first ORMOCER-based restorative system, as early as 1999 and having followed it up with Grandio, the first nanohybrid composite in 2003, intensive research has now enabled VOCO to combine the advantages of both restorative systems. Silicon oxide forms the chemical base for the new nanohybrid ORMOCER restorative material Admira Fusion, not only for the fillers but also - and this represents the innovative research achievement - for the resin matrix. This unique "Pure Silicate Technology" offers several remarkable advantages in one: for example, the fact that Admira Fusion, in comparison with all restorative composites of market relevance, shows by far the lowest level of polymerisation shrinkage (1.25% by volume) and, coupled with that, extremely low shrinkage stress.

The ORMOCERs (Organically Modified Ceramics) used in the manufacture of Admira Fusion make it highly biocompatible, as there are no classic monomers, some of which might otherwise escape after polymerisation. The light-curing, radiopaque nanohybrid ORMOCER has an 84% (by weight) content of inorganic fillers and covers a broad spectrum of indications. This includes, among others, class I to V fillings, reconstruction of traumatically damaged anteriors, locking or splinting of loose teeth, as well as core build-ups and the fabrication of composite inlays. Admira Fusion's particularly high colour stability gives it an additional edge and allows its absolutely universal use - for highest demands in both the anterior and posterior regions.

Being a very homogeneous material, it offers outstanding handling and is compatible with all conventional bonding materials.

The restorative system is complemented by the bulk fill Admira Fusion x-tra, which allows for increments of up to 4 mm in thickness while delivering absolutely identical physical values. The fast-track version also has a convincing, low level of volume shrinkage, as well as outstanding biocompatibility. The universal shade U further simplifies handling, as it provides aesthetic results in the posterior range by adapting, chameleon-like, to the surrounding dental substance.

Admira Fusion and Admira Fusion x-tra are available in syringes and also caps for direct application.


  • Class I to V restorations;
  • Base in class I and II cavities;
  • Reconstruction of traumatically damaged anteriors;
  • Facetting of discoloured anteriors;
  • Correction of shape and shade for improved aesthetic appearance;
  • Locking, splinting of loose anteriors;
  • Repairing veneers, small enamel defects and temporary C&B materials;
  • Restoration of deciduous teeth;
  • Core build-up; and
  • Composite inlays.


  • The worldwide first purely ceramic-based restorative material:
    • Pure Silicate Technology, i.e., fillers and resin matrix based purely on silicon oxide; and
    • Contains no classic monomers.
  • Thanks to the most innovative ORMOCER technology:
    • By far the lowest polymerisation shrinkage (1.25 % by volume) and particularly low level of shrinkage stress in comparison to all conventional restorative composites; and
    • Inert, so highly biocompatible and extremely resistant to discolouration.
  • Completely universal – meeting highest demands in anterior and posterior regions:
    • Perfect coordination of translucence with opacity for natural results; and
    • The optimal selection of shades enables highly flexible working using either the single or multiple shade system.
  • Excellent handling, simple high-lustre polishing procedure coupled with high surface hardness guarantee first-class long-term results
  • Compatible with all conventional bonding agents


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Staying Safe

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