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01 Oct 2003 | Australasian Dental Practice

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ADA NSW opens world class educational facility

New premises and facilities

After 18 months of research, development and construction, the ADA NSW Clinical Training Centre opened for its inaugural program this month. Occupying the first floor of the ADA NSW building in St Leonards, the 300 sq metre site was redeveloped with Mr Tony Barber serving as the building contractor, Mark Hurcum Design as the architects and Halas Dental as the principal dental equipment supplier.

According to CEO Matthew Fisher, "The ADA NSW believes education is an essential element to the success and enjoyment by our members of their careers in dentistry. The Clinical Training Centre represents the core of an educational investment by the Branch that also includes provision of the Best Practice audio magazine to all of our members, as well as a planned upgrade of the website and library services."

The new centre provides state-of-the-art facilities for a wide variety of hands-on training formats. Four operatories allow for patient-based training as well as live demonstrations of clinical procedures. Three of the surgeries are outfitted identically, with Sirona C8 chairs and x-rays systems. The layout of the clinical area is based on a large open hub that includes the steri-bay. The use of the Hu-Friedy Instrument Management System aims at efficient delivery of instruments and the highest standard of infection control. Sliding doors have been used to provide easy access and monitoring during training sessions while also allowing for each operatory to be closed when privacy is required.

The master surgery doubles as what is effectively a broadcast-quality recording studio. The Master surgery is designed around the use of two cameras, one mobile and one operated by remote control, with a third input provided by a Zeiss operating microscope. Live patient clinical demonstrations can be captured for participants attending courses at the Centre with the recorded material made available through Best Practice for those unable to attend on the day. Participants viewing the procedure in the training room can interact with the instructor during the presentation through a closed circuit audio channel. The recording room is outfitted with the latest computer-based recording and editing equipment. A patient demonstration can be held in the morning and participants walk away at the end of the same day with a DVD of the procedure.

The Training Room consists of 20 simulation workstations. Frasaco phantom heads were chosen for their outstanding quality and wide range of options for clinical exercises. Each participant will have the latest micro-motor handpieces for precision work in clinical simulations. The room has been structured to serve as a fully equipped lecture theatre as well as a training lab. The concept is to allow course instructors to easily move from lecture to hands-on exercise and back again without the need for moving to another room.

The facilities are world-class, but does the size of Australian dental community warrant such a centre? "Dentistry is a hands-on profession and while lectures are valuable, there are some things that can only be learned through direct experience," says Michael Vandiver, Director of the Centre for Professional Development. "A dedicated training facility not only helps ensure a full range of programs for practitioners, it also provides those teaching with the support they need to produce better quality education. And very importantly, we want the Clinical Training Centre to be seen as a resource for all of the dental community in Australia. In addition to programs offered by the ADA, the facility will be available for hire by other educational providers including societies and study clubs, the RACDS and universities and the dental industry."

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