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3D Printing in Dentistry 2024 focuses on Automation, Validation, Replication

The 2nd annual 3D Printing in Dentistry conference is again being staged at the ParkRoyal Darling Harbour, Sydney on Friday and Saturday, February 9 and 10, 2024. The theme of the event is Automation, Validation, Replication.

"From the feedback we received, the inaugural 3D Printing in Dentistry event this year was a highly productive, interactive learning experience for delegates," said Dentevents' Joseph Allbeury, the organiser of the event and publisher of this magazine. "The lectures included a mix of clinicians and technicians detailing the use of 3D printing in their daily routines, presentations from material scientists and manufacturers as well as technical information on setting up, using and maintaining 3D printers.

"When we craft multi-speaker events like this, we're really trying to present the right information for delegates at the right time, presented by the best real world educators available. It gives delegates high level access to information in a concentrated form that will allow them to make better decisions, solve problems and grow their use and understanding of these burgeoning, game-changing technologies."

Mr Allbeury said that the event included a high level of interaction between the audience and presenters, enhancing the learning experience and highlighting the commonality of issues faced in implementing 3D printing technologies into clinics and labs.

"Many delegates came with questions and the format of the event allowed these to be answered, either directly through the presentations or via lively exchanges and Q&A's with the presenters."

Mr Allbeury said that the event highlighted the level of complexity involved in the 3D printing process and the need for quality education focussed on establishing replicable processes, procedures and workflows to ensure optimal results.

"For the 2024 event, we will again cover a broad range of topics covering hardware, software, materials and solutions, plus we're adding sessions that focus on a couple of aspects of 3D printing that are driving future directions," Mr Allbeury said.

"One of these areas is automation, whereby many printer manufacturers are now looking at what happens beyond the build, working towards more autonomous operation. This is similar to the evolution we saw in milling machines with the addition of automated tool and material changing that allows mills to work unattended, in some cases 24/7. 3D printers are evolving the same way, though through very different means.

"Another area is the validated workflow. Particularly in 3D printing, where the finished product is the result of an essentially complex chemical process, the creation and validation of workflows that ensure 3D printed objects are accurately replicated time and again through printing, washing and curing to guarantee patient safety will only grow in importance to the point where government may well be involved in oversight."

Mr Allbeury said that they are currently engaging with key players in the 3D printing landscape in Australia and New Zealand to devise a programme that is representative of the current needs of local clinicians and dental technicians.

"3D printing is clearly a game changer in dentistry and we are once again aiming to deliver a programme that will empower delegates to either take up the technology or take their current investment to an entirely new level. I hope that everyone interested in 3D printing in dentistry will join us in February for another fun, interactive and informative two days."

For more information or to register visit www.3dpd.events.


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