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31 Jan 2021 | Australasian Dental Practice

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1000 3Shape TRIOS scanners now installed in Australia and New Zealand

3Shape has announced the installation of its 1000th award-winning 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner in Australia and New Zealand. The milestone means that over 10% of dental practices in Australia and New Zealand now use a 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner. Some practices own more than one scanner and some dental laboratories have also purchased the digital impression solution.

The landmark also makes Australia and New Zealand one of the most advanced regions in the world in terms of adopting digital dentistry solutions.

The 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner enables dental professionals to eliminate the need for traditional analogue impressions, as well as simplifying and decreasing the number of steps involved in the fabrication process of dental restorations.

By using a 3D scan of a patient's teeth taken with a TRIOS scanner, professionals can then diagnose and create dental treatments with CAD/CAM technology. This mitigates many contamination issues, as no physical models are shared between practice and lab.

Intraoral scanning also opens the door to completely digital workflows for everything from clear aligners, veneers and crowns to braces and dentures.

Australian practitioner, Dr Anthony Mak stated that 3Shape technology, including the TRIOS intraoral scanner, provides him with "the tools for diagnosis, treatment planning and the execution and provision of dental restorative procedures in a truly transformative way".

The 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner has won the Cellerant award for intraoral scanners an unprecedented eight years in a row - an award presented by a panel of prominent technology leaders in dentistry.

The 3Shape company is based out of Denmark. It opened its Australian office in 2017, with the office serving the region's thousands of dental practices with support and digital dentistry education.

"We are extremely proud of the milestone," said Peter Tabor, 3Shape Australia and New Zealand Regional Manager. "It's a testament to the forward thinking of the region's dental professionals and the quality of 3Shape solutions. The high penetration of digital technology in dental practices means that Australians and New Zealanders are getting some of the most advanced dental care in the world."


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